Marks on paper, sheets of snow, first loves crowned with halos. These are some of the images that make up Craig Thompson’s 2003 illustrated novel Blankets, a modern classic if ever there was one. Paul and Arlo continue this year’s “nondenominational” Four-Color Flashback with a discussion of Thompson’s masterpiece, an autobiographical story of childhood, sexuality, first love, and the author’s struggle with faith. The boys discuss Thompson’s brave and uncomfortable truth, their experiences (or lack thereof) with organized religion, Craig’s idolatry of his beloved Raina, and Thompson’s stunning artwork. Plus, scraps of Marvel news that have no business being in this episode but which broke after we recorded the Captain Marvel one. Sorry. We’re professionals.

Next: after a week off, the boys are back and who knows what they’ll be talking about?



Run Time: 02:06:55

00:00:30 - Intro / Banter

00:17:41 - Blankets

02:01:23 - Outro / Next

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It only took ‘em 21 movies, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally debuted a solo female superhero with Captain Marvel. Acclaimed indie filmmakers Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck take to the stars for the story of Carol Danvers, ace pilot turned intergalactic warrior. Drenched in ‘90s nostalgia, the film finds buddy comedy with the spirited Brie Larson/Samuel L. Jackson dynamic; it finds Memento-lite storytelling gymnastics with Carol's fractured memories. Paul and Arlo debate this approach's effectiveness; think back to whether or not they loved the ‘90s; consider what the film's cosmic shenanigans mean for the future of the MCU; and attempt (with varying degrees of success) to check their privilege while analyzing a tale of female empowerment.

Next: the boys crash land back on Earth for another Four-Color Flashback installment, this one discussing Craig Thompson's modern classic Blankets.



Run Time: 01:51:55

00:00:30 - Intro / Yet another “we recognize our privilege” CYA disclaimer

00:02:38 - Captain Marvel (Non-Spoiler)

00:31:04 - Captain Marvel (SPOILERS)

01:49:36 - Outro / Next

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In which our daring duo defies devilish dentists. In all sincerity, here’s a big fat content warning: if, like Paul and Arlo, you are one of the 5-15% of adults with dentophobia, we talk about the dentist. A whole bunch. From childhood orthodontic nightmares to phantasmagoric periodontics of the present day, the boys discuss in (perhaps excruciating) detail their toothy troubles. Plus, if that doesn’t turn you off of the whole damn enterprise, there’s also talk of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World in IMAX, Netflix’s take on The Umbrella Academy, and a belated discussion of seasons 2 and 3 of AMC’s Preacher adaptation.

Next: Higher. Further. Faster. Captain Marvel.



Run Time: 01:22:12

00:02:23 - More HTTYD (on IMAX this time)

00:10:00 - Dentophobia (CONTENT WARNING!)

00:45:24 - Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

00:56:00 - Arlo finally watched AMC’s Preacher

01:15:36 - Outro / Next

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Paul and Arlo return to the land of Berk one last time for a discussion of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Joining them is their fellow dragon rider (and The Deli Counter of Justice co-editor) Eric Sipple. The gang discusses their journey through the years with Hiccup and Toothless, whether or not the supporting cast weighs the series down, writer-director Dean DeBlois’ original intentions for the villain, and their differing interpretations of the conclusion.

Next: enter the void.



Run Time: 02:28:10

00:00:37 - Intro / Disclaimer (Paul is emotional and broken and in therapy ABOUT these films!)

00:08:26 - Main Topic (Non-Spoiler)

00:42:23 - SPOILERS

02:23:17 - Outro / Next

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