's that bittersweet pang, that intangible sense memory, when 
you encounter something that makes you want to go home again. It's also 
informed many major geek properties these past few decades, and is a 
buzzword of late thanks to J.J. Abrams' Super 8. AJ and Paul discuss 
things that make them nostalgic, the films Super 8 lovingly pays homage 
to, and of course, the movie itself. Plus: news, the boys' review of The 
Killing season 1, and a spectacularly dumb Formspring question.

Next: we're off for the Fourth of July holiday, but we'll return July 9 
with all-new geeking.

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You may have heard that DC's relaunching/rebooting/re-whatevering their entire line. We certainly have, and rejoined by Nathan, we're here to discuss all 52 titles, from the Batmen to the WildC.A.T.S. to the...questionable decisions made by just about everyone involved. But hey! It's not us to be cynical, right? Right? Is this thing on? Plus: news and Formspring questions!

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This week, Nathan joins Paul and AJ to discuss some of the biggest and 
best things to come out of this year's E3. Chiefly, there's Nintendo's new 
console, Wii U--its fancypants controller, its surprisingly decent 
technical specs, its silly name. We also puzzle out why exactly motion 
control features, a la Microsoft's Kinect, don't herald the future of 
gaming just yet, and talk about some of our most anticipated games, such 
as Luigi's Mansion 2 and Sonic Generations. Plus: news, our group review 
of X-Men: First Class, and Formspring questions.

Next: Nathan rejoins us to discuss the DC Comics relaunch in all of its 
ridiculousness. (Another friend may join in as well!)

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Geek Challenge time! Paul has astonishingly never seen the KILL BILL films, so AJ challenges him to watch them; and in turn, Paul challenges AJ to watch the BILL & TED films. Because of course. Will Paul thrill to the killing of Bill? Will AJ have a most excellent time? Is that real Hattori Hanzo steel? These questions and more will be answered in this week's exciting installment of Gobbledygeek! Plus: news, Paul's thoughts on L.A. NOIRE, AJ shares his Disney Dream cruise experience, and Formspring questions.

Next: the boys, with an assist from Nathan, talk about the coolest games and tech to come out of E3 2011.

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