Holy chafing podcasts, Gobblers! The boys wrap up their second season by (what else?) talking. A lot. It’s the Gobbledygeek 2011 Year-End Review, which basically means Paul and AJ go on and on about the stuff that they loved (and hated) in geeky pop culture for the past twelve months. And they bicker a little bit. And there may be name calling at one point. But no formal charges have been filed, so all-in-all a great way to end our sophomore year. No blood, no foul.


Next: Some well-deserved time off. For you guys, that is. For the boys it’s nothing but work, work, work to get ready for the all-new, all-different Gobbledygeek Season Three, premiering January 21st, 2012!  

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For this holiday season, the boys rewind to their respective childhoods and visit a cherished classic: Joe Dante's Gremlins. It's not your usual holiday fare, unless your usual holiday fare involves murder, isanity, and chaos. They discuss whether or not the film actually holds up to the harsh light of adulthood, whether those damn rules make any sense, and just how high the author of the film's novelization was. AJ reviews We Need to Talk About Kevin, Paul gripes about The Defenders #1, and then we get around to Nathan's snarky Formspring question of the week.


Next: the Gobbledygeek season 2 finale is our year-end round-up of everything we loved (and hated) in 2011.

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If there's anything we learned from A Charlie Brown Christmas, it's that

Christmas has become far too commercialized and that the true spirit of

Christmas isn't in the gifts that you receive. So, going entirely against

that lesson from our childhoods, we've concocted the second annual

Gobbledygeek Gift Guide! We'll clue you into everything you should buy for

that nerd in your life, be they into movies (The Tree of Life! Hanna!),

music (Nirvana! Pink Floyd!), games (Arkham City! Skyrim!), or more. We

also leaven all the cynical buying and spending with genuine, heartfelt

appreciations of the movies We Bought a Zoo, Hugo, and The Muppets, plus

some Formspring questions and an e-mail.


Next: We continue our Christmas celebration with a discussion of Gremlins.

Because who doesn't like to think of Phoebe Cates' dad getting stuck in

the chimney when they're putting up the tree?

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