For the final week of Gobbledyween, Paul revisits Event Horizon for the

first time since theaters and AJ watches it for the very first time. Also

probably the last. You see, it's not very good. Unlike The Evil Dead, The

Thing, and Dawn of the Dead, this one's not so much a classic, but the

boys still mine some discussion and humor from it. They also ponder the

philosophical query: do you need clothes? As always, there are some

Formspring questions to round things out.


Next: it's a Bat-travaganza as we tackle Batman: Arkham City and the new

Batman: Year One animated film.

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When there is no more room in hell, the Gobbledygeeks will walk the earth. And while we're here, we shall discuss George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead! That's right, zombiefolk, it's Gobbledyween week three, so we're turning our rotting, shambling corpses upon one of the original undead classics. Part consumerism satire and part gory munchfest, the film set a high bar for zombie films that not many of them have been able to shuffle up to. After we discuss the film and go off on some bizarre tangents, we talk about the Walking Dead season 2 premiere and answer some off-the-wall Formspring questions.


Next: for the final week of Gobbledyween 2011, we will discuss Event Horizon, a movie that Paul has not seen since it was in theaters and one AJ has never seen. Good times!

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The second installment of Gobbledyween 2011, John Carpenter's The Thing,

gets discussed just as its new prequel/remake is hitting theaters. The

boys discuss the film's paranoia, claustrophobia, and intensity, as well

as why Paul considers it possibly the greatest horror film ever made. Also

mentioned are the film's initially poor reception and Christian

Nyby/Howard Hawks' original The Thing from Another World. Plus: Paul talks

concerts, AJ talks Moneyball, and they both review 50/50.


Next: Gobbledyween week three rolls along with a discussion of George A.

Romero's Dawn of the Dead.

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We were made to be ruled by this Avengers trailer! The boys review the preview in the first-ever Gobbledyspecial. Explosions! Sparring superheroes! Robert Downey Jr. reciting Joss Whedon dialogue! Avengers Assemble? More like AWESOME Assemble! Am I right?

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This week, we get sad AND silly. First, the boys say goodbye to Apple founder and tech visionary Steve Jobs. Then, to keep anyone from taking them too seriously they kick off this year’s Gobbledygeek Halloween (Gobbledy’ween?) Film Festival with a ribald discussion of the Sam Raimi classic The Evil Dead. Also: AJ reviews the Wasikowska/Fassbender interpretation of Jane Eyre; Paul hints at what you can probably expect from the  review of the Ethan Gilsdorf book Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks he’s bound to do someday; and a slew of Formspring questions.


Next: John Carpenter’s The Thing

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This week, Paul and AJ discuss Ernest Cline's new book Ready Player One, which may as well be the geek manifesto of 2011. Dystopian future, an evil corporation, an immersive virtual world, 80's pop culture references out the wazoo...yeah, it pretty much covers all the bases. AJ also offers his opinion of Drive to counter Paul's, and reviews the indie film Terri.


Next: We kick off our month-long horror-palooza with a discussion of The Evil Dead.

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