Another year coming to an end. Another season of Gobbledygeek over. Before you begin your mourning process, Paul and AJ have a lot--and we do mean a LOT--to say in this super-sized finale, gabbing about their favorite movies (superheroes and tigers get a nod), music (they really don't have the same taste at all), books (haha, they're illiterate), and much more. It's been a great year for the show; we salute you. See you in 2013!

Direct download: Episode_124.mp3
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Christmas is upon us once more, which can only mean one thing: it's time to get twisted. I don't know what that means, but how about you join us in watching The Nightmare Before Christmas? The boys take a look back at the 1993 stop-motion classic, raving about its music (even misguidedly singing a bar or two), praising its glorious stop-motion animation, and take an honest look at Jack's (possibly regressive?) character arc. Plus, the boys bemoan DC's treatment of Gail Simone and AJ addresses the Homeland controversy.

Next: it's the one you've been waiting, the one that'll shut us up for a whole month! It's the SEASON FINALE! We'll talk about our favorite and least favorite things of the year 2012.

Direct download: Episode_123.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:36pm CDT

The season of giving is once more upon us. Ever helpful, Paul and AJ list a number of Christmas gift options for that special geek in your life--from movies (like In the Mood for Love on Criterion Collection Blu-ray) to TV (the complete series of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!), comics (Saga: Vol. 1) to books (Alan Sepinwall's The Revolution Was Televised), toys (cute lil' Funko Pop figures) to games (Dishonored), and more. Don't forget to thank us for rescuing your Christmas.

Next: the Holiday gets twisted with Nightmare Before Christmas.

Direct download: Episode_122.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:55am CDT

It's time for another Gobbledygeek Thanksgiving! This year, in lieu of

being sociable and actually talking to other human beings, Paul and AJ

decided to watch the Bat-Turkey-approved ThanksKilling and ThanksKilling

3, all about a murderous turkey being all murder-y. While they find the

first ThanksKilling awful but sort of funny, they have not a single nice

thing to say about ThanksKilling 3. This episode is mostly just them

consoling each other. Maybe they'll talk to people again next year. Plus,

the boys discuss the closing of Hostess and the recent (recanted)

allegations made against Kevin Clash.

Next: we're taking a week off to recuperate from ThanksKilling 3, but also

to celebrate Thanksgiving itself. So happy Thanksgiving! (We won't inform

Bat-Turkey of your dinner plans.) When we return, it will be with the

third annual Gobbledygeek Gift Guide.

Direct download: Episode_121.mp3
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Gobbledygeek is no stranger to generations-spanning epics; the whole show has been an experimental piece showing how different pop culture artifacts complement and dovetail with one another, and of how the love of two co-hosts will endure for the rest of history. Haha, just kidding, we're just a dumb podcast, but this week we are talking about something that is certainly not dumb and is most definitely ambitious: Tom Tykwer and Andy & Lana Wachowski's Cloud Atlas. Paul and AJ are both fans of the film and describe why it works for them and how emotional it made them, while also discussing the whole "yellowface" controversy. Plus, there was this whole big election thing that happened. They talk about that.

Next: It's the third annual Gobbledygeek Thanksgiving! This time, instead of actually talking to other human beings, we will be most thankful for the Thankskilling duology.

Direct download: Episode_120.mp3
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This week, Paul and AJ are joined by Eric Sipple, author of the new YA novel Broken Magic. Eric talks about what led him to write this story, the challenges of finishing a novel, adventures in self-publishing, and how much he loves Steven Moffat. Plus, the guys attempt to get out the vote and discuss why or why not Disney buying Lucasfilm is actually a big deal.

Next: Paul will be a young Asian woman, AJ will be an Aboriginal hunter, but don't worry, it all makes sense; they'll be talking Cloud Atlas.

Direct download: Episode_119.mp3
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This week, Paul and AJ put a stake through the heart of Gobbledyween 2012 with a look at Psych's "This Episode Sucks." AJ has never seen an episode of Psych, so according to him, this is what the show is about: the Santa Barbara Police Department is attempting to investigate a murder whose perpetrator may or may not be a vampire, and while doing so, Turk and J.D. pop up for some reason and start making jokes. Also, Dr. Cox falls in love with Buffy--I'm sorry, Kristy Swanson, it pains AJ too much to call her Buffy. Plus, the guys talk about Joss Whedon's new video on Mitt Romney's zombie apocalypse, AJ gushes over Matt Kindt's Mind MGMT, and Paul loves Cloud Atlas.

Next: with vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness vanquished for another year, Eric Sipple joins us to talk about his new book Broken Magic.

Direct download: Episode_118.mp3
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For the penultimate episode of Gobbledyween 2012, Paul and AJ take a break from being all reflective and whatnot for the zombie antics of Community's "Epidemiology." There's a whole lotta zombies, a whole lotta ABBA, and a whole lotta hilarity. Highlights include Troy's Sexy Dracula costume, Chang being the "racist prover," and Chiquita M.D. It's a good time. Plus, Paul talks about loyal listener Valerie's trip to Alabama and AJ gives brief thoughts on Seven Psychopaths and Argo.

Next: Gobbledyween 2012 comes to a close with Psych's "This Episode Sucks."

Direct download: Episode_117.mp3
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Gobbledyween 2012 continues with a discussion of Freaks and Geeks' one and only (cue sad music) Halloween episode, "Tricks and Treats." Lindsay is trying to transition from passing out candy with her mom to knocking down mailboxes with the freaks; Sam feels like he's too old to trick-or-treat, but it sure seems more fun than reading Crime and Punishment for school; and their mother has to come to terms with the fact that Halloween is a little different than when she was younger. This Halloween-themed reflection on adolescence prompts Paul and AJ to talk about their favorite/most embarrassing trick-or-treating memories. Plus, AJ hates on Cosmopolis and Paul is surprised by Hotel Transylvania.

Next: things get all zombified (not to mention ABBA-fied) with Community's "Epidemiology."

Direct download: Episode_116.mp3
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Are you ready for Gobbledyween 2012?! Well, even if you're not, it's here now, so. This year, we're looking at a different Halloween-themed TV episode each week in October. First up is "Fear, Itself," from the fourth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The gang's fears are all made real at a haunted house that's a little more haunted than your average house. Paul and AJ talk about how the group's fears drive them away from one another, how that resonates with the overarching themes of the series, and even defend season 4 as a whole. Plus, they also rave about Looper.

Next: for week two of Gobbledyween, the boys look back on Freaks and Geeks' "Tricks and Treats."

Direct download: Episode_115.mp3
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Is it just us, or are the works of Jim Henson kind of making a comeback?

Then again, they never really went away. Paul and AJ discuss Henson's life

and career, including such legendary projects as The Muppet Show, Sesame

Street, Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, and more. Plus, the boys geek out

over the Avengers Blu-ray and Paul lets us know how his cassowary

presentation went.

Next: Halloween's creeping up on us once again, so the boys kick off a

month about Halloween-themed TV episodes with a look back at Buffy the

Vampire Slayer's "Fear Itself."

Direct download: Episode_114.mp3
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We're taking a trip to outer space this week as we look at Brian K. Vaughan's latest comic book series, Saga, which just wrapped its first arc last month; and Joss Whedon's Firefly, which just celebrated its tenth anniversary. Paul and AJ discuss the weirdness and gorgeousness of Saga, then think about where they were when Firefly first aired and how they felt watching it become a cult phenomenon after its cancellation. Plus, Paul discusses the cassowary presentation he'll be delivering at the National AAZK Conference, AJ muses on The Master, and more!

Next: do you know the Muppet man? We'll be discussing the works of Jim Henson.

Direct download: Episode_113.mp3
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It's been a recurring theme throughout the show, so it's inevitable that it was going to come to the forefront at some point: Paul and AJ have different attitudes about the art (or lack thereof) of film criticism. In broad/reductive strokes, AJ thinks that critics provide a valuable public service to their audience while Paul isn't sure why someone should tell anybody why they shouldn't like what they like. Again, that's putting it very simply, and there are moments where they agree, but also where they disagree. In other words...holy shit, it's an actual discussion of something! Plus, AJ talks about Bronson and Hunger, and Paul blows minds with his Angel & Faith theory.


Next: celebrating Jim Henson's birthday or the 10th anniversary of Firefly. Maybe both?

Direct download: Episode_112.mp3
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Bust out your robes and light your pipes; the boys take a look at
Rankin/Bass' 1977 animated adaptation of The Hobbit. Which also happens to
be trippy as balls. They delight in the film's weird charm and marvel at
the fact that John freaking Huston voices Gandalf, among other
hippie-esque things in a very hippie-esque film. Plus, Paul catches up on
some comics, AJ is conflicted over the forthcoming Kindle Fire HD, and
someone apparently remembered that we have a Formspring.
Next: an enlightening discussion of film criticism, I'm sure.
Direct download: Episode_111.mp3
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It's been one year--and exactly half the show ago--since DC rebooted their

entire line, dubbing this bold creative decision/shameless marketing ploy

the "New 52." Paul and AJ check back in on the New 52, pointing out what's

working (Animal Man, Swamp Thing) and what's not (Justice League,

Detective Comics). Has this whole thing been worth it? Has it made a

difference for the company? And what are we to make of the editorial

troubles that have been messily dragged out into the public? We can't

promise any good answers, but we sure try! Plus, AJ talks about the best

birthday present he received and Paul has exciting adventures at the zoo.


Next: Celebrate Gobbledygeek’s eleventy-first episode as the boys discuss the 1977 Rankin/Bass animated musical television special The Hobbit. BYOPW (bring your own pipe-weed).

Direct download: Episode_110.mp3
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The leaves will soon start falling from the trees and awards bait will soon start arriving in theaters. That's right, it's almost time for the fall/winter movie season, so Paul and AJ give you a little preview of 15 films they're looking forward to. There's showy Oscar stuff like Steven Spielberg's Lincoln and Tom Hooper's Les Misérables alongside the animated video-game-a-palooza Wreck-It Ralph and Quentin Tarantino's Southern Django Unchained, among many others. Plus, Paul talks about a local movie theater that's going the way of the Alamo Drafthouse and AJ discusses the news that this season of The Office will be its last.


Next: it's been a year, folks. Time to look back on what went right and what went very wrong with DC's New 52.

Direct download: Episode_109.mp3
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We know that every episode of Gobbledygeek makes you cry, but this one might especially depress you. It's Geek Challenge time once more, so Paul has tasked AJ with watching the 1978 animated adaptation of Watership Down; in turn, AJ has challenged Paul to watch the 1988 anime Grave of the Fireflies. One is about the brutal escape of a group of rabbits from their soon-to-be-demolished warren. The other is about the brutal attempts at survival made by a very young brother and sister after their home is demolished in WWII-era Japan. Both are very sad. To lighten the mood, AJ talks about watching every episode of Childrens Hospital over the last week and both of them discuss the addition of Ciarán Hinds to the cast of Game of Thrones.


Next: as summer winds down, it's time to take a look ahead for the Fall/Winter Movie Preview.

Direct download: Episode_108.mp3
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Paul and AJ had an idea for what they wanted this show to be about: science! Unfortunately, it didn't really work out. Fortunately--we think--they managed to come up with a bunch of other things to talk about: Joss Whedon's return to The Avengers, Jason Shayer's blog about 1980s Marvel, the found-footage horror of V/H/S, how AJ pretty much bawled his eyes out at the new issue of Spider-Men, and, yes, science (Mars Curiosity for the win).


Next: Geek Challenge time once more! Paul will watch Grave of the Fireflies and AJ will watch Watership Down. That's not gonna be depressing at all.

Direct download: Episode_107.mp3
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The dog days of summer have arrived, and with them even less of a sense of purpose and direction than our hosts usually display. So they babble on about a variety of topics: Chick-fil-A's rampant homophobia (which accounts for the annual violation of their "No Politics" rule!), Olympics spoilerphobia, the forthcoming Marvel NOW! rewatch, and the return of the Furby, among other things.


Next: again, who knows, Paul and AJ's brains are fried.

Direct download: Episode_106.mp3
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Do you remember what reading was like when you were a kid? That magical, transportive experience that took you to faraway lands and different time periods? Proving that, yes, they were once literate, Paul and AJ discuss their childhood reading experiences. The books that were important to them include The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Watership Down, and From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, among others. They also discuss the differences they had growing up as readers and what it will be like for kids in the future. Plus, Paul rejoices in The Killing's cancellation, while AJ discusses watching The Walking Dead season 2 and the original Total Recall, both for the first time.


Next: it's a Gobbledy-free-for-all! Anything and everything is fair game.

Direct download: Episode_105.mp3
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The third (last?) major superhero movie of the year has arrived in the form of The Dark Knight Rises. Going into it, AJ was pumped and Paul was basically dreading it; amazingly, the two have united and agreed on something for the first time in what feels like months. They discuss the pay-offs to each character's arc, the Bane voice and the Batvoice, what political message can be derived from the film, and how often Michael Caine bawls. Plus, AJ talks about seeing Jaws on the big screen and attending a local comic book show, while Paul offers another monumental national update on the state of his health.

Direct download: Episode_104.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:03pm CDT

In the aftermath of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, which occurred at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, we have decided to do a separate episode on the shooting so as not to trivialize it. Here, we discuss our reaction to the shooting and our thoughts about how it might affect the moviegoing experience.

Direct download: Aurora.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:33pm CDT

The year's second big superhero movie, following The Avengers--which you

may remember we discussed and AJ even wrote a review of--is The Amazing

Spider-Man, rebooting the franchise that sputtered to an end but five

years ago. Paul and AJ, both opinionated Spider-Man fans, are at odds over

Marc Webb's new film; Paul considers it the best big screen Spidey yet, AJ

not so much. Is Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker a faithful representation

of the one in the comics? Do Spider-Man's jokes work? Is the Lizard a good

starter villain for this new wall-crawler? Is Emma Stone completely

adorable? (Spoiler: they agree on that last one, at least.) Plus, the boys

geek out over the announcement of more Sandman and share their experiences

of seeing Singin' in the Rain on the big screen.


Next: We’re back, back in the Gotham groove. Paul and AJ rise up to discuss Christopher Nolan’s Bat swan song, The Dark Knight Rises.


Direct download: Episode_103.mp3
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The boys would like to sing a little song for you. Actually, no they wouldn't, because that would be awful for your ears, but they would like to tell you about songs they've enjoyed so far this year. Paul and AJ's musical interests don't always overlap; Paul listens to sensitive singer-songwriter types, while AJ's that guy who actually reads Pitchfork. Still, they're able to unite over a few weirdos like Jack White, Father John Misty, and Leonard Cohen. AJ also tells you why you should listen to new records from Spiritualized, Dr. John, and The Men; while Paul gives you the low down on Fort Atlantic, Band of Skulls, and even Lana Del Rey.


Next: we're taking the Fourth of July weekend off, but enjoy your fireworks and your independence! Unless you're not American, in which case...well, try not to make too much fun of us.

Direct download: Episode_102.mp3
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Ridley Scott's Prometheus opened earlier this month and has generated some nerd controversy with its Alien overtones, questionable character motivations, and general ambiguity. Paul and AJ discuss everything they liked about the film (it's gorgeous!), everything they didn't ("Yes...father"), and Paul contemplates as many of the film's big questions as he can before AJ loses interest. Plus, the boys discuss the other Alien films, read an e-mail, and actually get asked a Formspring question for the first time in like a century.


Next: something to do with music. We'd like to say we're just playing coy, but we honestly have no idea.

Direct download: Episode_101.mp3
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That's right, gobblers. 100 episodes. Who'da thunk it? Not us, that's for sure. If you're a long-time fan of the show, we've got a nice trip down memory lane for you, and if you're new to our ridiculousness, this is a great primer/history lesson/greatest hits CD. The boys play snippets from various episodes throughout the show's run, going all the way back to our extremely painful first episode. These things used to be three hours long! And live! Wow. You'll also hear some of Paul's finest rants, the boys attempting to tackle the issue of feminism in pop culture, AJ's fascination with dinosaur-on-dinosaur erotica, and our chats with guests like K. Dale Koontz and Ernie Cline. Plus, some old friends drop by to share their thoughts on the show.

Direct download: Episode_100.mp3
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It had to happen sooner or later: the boys discuss John Carter. Do you, like Paul, feel that the film has been unfairly derided and that the media has latched onto its financial failure with too much glee? Or, like AJ, do you feel the film is terrible, filled with dead air, and populated with cardboard characters? Unless you're looking for someone to be in the rational middle, you'll find someone in your corner! Why does Paul like it and why does AJ hate it? The boys try to get to the center of the problem, and may or may not wind up psychoanalyzing one another in the process. Plus, Paul gives his thoughts on the first issue of Before Watchmen: Minutemen and AJ reveals his latest paranoid episode.


Next: unbelievably, we have reached 100 episodes. Tune in for a trip down memory lane with the best (and maybe some of the worst) of Gobbledygeek.

Direct download: Episode_99.mp3
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Hoo boy. Memorial Day musta done something to the boys; they barely remember how to run the show (if they ever knew). But they've lazed and stumbled through another episode, all for your listening pleasure! This week, they face another Geek Challenge: Paul has challenged AJ to watch What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and in turn, AJ has challenged Paul to watch The Royal Tenenbaums. Both films are about dysfunctional families trying to reach beyond their ways, which they are very much set in. They're different films, but it kind of works. One finds ennui in a small rural town; the other, in the sprawling New York home of a special family. One has Johnny Depp back when he was still trying, the other Gene Hackman pre-retirement. And at more than one point, a throwdown threatens to break out. Plus, AJ talks about Dan Harmon's firing from Community and his first-ever camping trip; and Paul speaks on Snow White and the Huntsman and the first annual Alabama Phoenix Fest.


Next: John Carter. Prepare for bloodshed.

Direct download: Episode_98.mp3
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Memorial Day is next weekend, so to get in the spirit, the boys have come up with a list of the Official Gobbledygeek Top 5 War Movies. Without giving too much away, we'll say there are a couple Spielbergs in there along with a couple others that are alternately meditative, pulpy, and batshit insane. Which, you know, war. Plus, Paul and AJ spout off about The Avengers some more, as both are baffled by a simple point that numerous critics have failed to grasp; and Paul mentions the Alabama Phoenix Festival, at which he'll be appearing on a few panels from May 25-27. Check it out!


Next: the boys have decided to slack off or Memorial Day, so no show next weekend. When we come back, there will be a Geek Challenge! In the meantime, grill some hamburgers and hot dogs for us.

Direct download: Episode_97.mp3
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This week, Paul and AJ are honored to sit down with Ernie Cline, author of the New York Times bestselling science fiction novel Ready Player One, which arrives in paperback on June 5. The three of them have a pretty epic geek-out session. Oh, they talk about the book, too. Ernie discusses his inspiration for writing Ready Player One, what the future holds for the film adaptation, his brutal experience writing the movie Fanboys, and the many virtues of the Alamo Drafthouse. Ernie also mentions how much The Avengers rocked his world, so after the interview, Paul and AJ obsess some more over the movie, its nooks, and its crannies (hint: mirrors!).


Next: The boys get in the Memorial Day spirit by talking about their favorite war movies. They love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Direct download: Episode_96.mp3
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It's here. It's finally, really, actually here. The Avengers is in theaters. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Hulk assemble into one giant superhero-palooza under the watchful eye of Joss Whedon. We hope it doesn't spoil the episode very much if we say that the film more than lives up to our expectations. Paul and AJ discuss the film's impressive structure, the insane giddiness of watching our heroes rumble with one another, and what Joss Whedon puts these iconic characters through. Among other things. There's a lot of talking going on; there kind of had to be. Plus, the boys pay tribute to Adam "MCA" Yauch.


Next: Paul and AJ sit down with Ready Player One author Ernest Cline.

Direct download: Episode_95.mp3
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Get out your surfboards and bikinis, boys and girls! Hollywood's gearing up for its summer movie season, so Paul and AJ discuss the 10 movies they're most looking forward to, four mutual picks and three solo choices apiece. We cover everything from superhero fare like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises to quirky independents like Moonrise Kingdom and Safety Not Guaranteed. Plus, AJ talks about seeing Casablanca on the big screen, Paul heaps praise on the comics Saga and Prophet, and a retraction is issued in regards to Girls.


Next: So, hey, The Avengers? Yeah, we're gonna talk about that.

Direct download: Episode_94.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:05pm CDT

Last month, Paul and AJ recorded a commentary track for Jurassic Park. Now, with The Avengers on its way, they decided to blab all over Jon Favreau's instant classic superhero film Iron Man. Things that occur: Paul and AJ confess relative ignorance of Iron Man's comic book adventures; AJ professes his desire to marry Pepper Potts; Paul admires Jeff Bridges' beardliness; and much--too much?--Tony/Rhodey slash is read. Really. That happens. Several times.

Like last time, we give you some time to set up your DVD/Blu-ray, so you can go ahead and start the commentary before you start the movie.

Direct download: Iron_Man.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:21pm CDT

There's been a disturbance in the Force...and that's only the tip of the iceberg! Well, after that peach of a sentence, we're about to be dragged offstage, so really quickly: AJ likes Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace; Paul likes Titanic. Paul hates Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace; AJ hates Titanic. FIGHT! Well, it's actually a lot more civil than that, but yes, arguments are had, rants are ranted, bile is spewed. Plus, they also have a fundamental disagreement over the new HBO series Girls, so, you know, more fighting and stuff.


Next: It's that time again...the Gobbledygeek Summer Movie Preview!

Direct download: Episode_93.mp3
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Calling all jocks, nerds, sluts, virgins, and stoners: there's a certain cabin you might want to take a trip to. Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's long-delayed The Cabin in the Woods is finally in theaters this weekend, and Paul and AJ offer up their thoughts. We know the movie isn't just about kids going to a cabin and getting sliced and diced, but how much can we say here without pissing off the Internet? As far as that goes, in lieu of a witty banter portion, we discuss our NON-SPOILERY thoughts on the film up top before getting into a SPOILERY discussion. So, yeah. It's a barrel o' laughs, there's some arguing, and lots of affection for certain cast members. Why don't you go ahead and walk down into that dark cellar?


Next: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace and Titanic were both recently released in 3D. Both of our hosts enjoy one of these movies, and both of them also hate the other one of those movies. Expect fistfights and the death of a friendship.

Direct download: Episode_92.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:34pm CDT

It's Geek Challenge time! Paul has challenged AJ to Real Genius, and in turn, AJ has challenged Paul to Donnie Darko. Our two challenges this time may seem wildly different in terms of plot and tone, but they're really not that dissimilar: Both take place in the '80s, both are centered around "extraordinary" young men, both feature schools which are important to the story, and both ensure that Tears for Fears will keep receiving those royalty checks for a good long while. As far as the boys' discussion is concerned, things are going pretty well until they're not. Plus, Paul and AJ rave about the Game of Thrones season premiere.


Next week: It's real! The Cabin in the Woods exists!

Direct download: Episode_91.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:25pm CDT

Atten-SHUN! It's the last week of Tarantino Month, so that means one thing, and one thing only: we're here to discuss Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino's charmingly misspelled WWII epic. Points of interest for the boys include Brad Pitt's ridiculous accent, the puzzling nature of Christoph Waltz as Hans Landa, the film's Spaghetti Western stylings, the greatness of Mélanie Laurent, and what Tarantino has to say about the power of cinema. Plus, AJ recounts his Lez Zeppelin experience and Paul has a few extra thoughts about The Hunger Games.


Next: The Geek Challenge returns when AJ challenges Paul to Donnie Darko, and Paul retorts with Real Genius.

Direct download: Episode_90.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:30pm CDT

For the penultimate installment of Tarantino Month, the boys set their high-beams on 2007's Death Proof. Thrill! as they discuss Kurt Russell's magnificent creepiness as the psychotic Stuntman Mike. Contemplate! as they analyze the film's subversion of slasher movie tropes. Ponder! as they explore the rape-y aspects of Death Proof and even Kill Bill, and what that means in the context of stories about strong women. Plus, Paul rants about spoilerphobes and the lie Fandango (quite literally) sold him; and, with a rueful, barely-functioning heart, AJ explains how he came into contact with a deep-fried Twinkie and lived to tell the tale.


Next: Tarantino Month comes to a close with the WWII revenge fantasy Inglourious Basterds.

Direct download: Episode_89.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:31am CDT

After seeing The Hunger Games at midnight, Paul and AJ recorded their thoughts...not all of which are positive. Jennifer Lawrence makes for a good Katniss, but how does the movie stack up to the book? Was there a way around some of the film's narrative pitfalls? And just what in the fuck is up with that camerawork? (Yes, friends and Gobblers, that means Paul goes on another shakycam rant. And it is glorious.)

Direct download: Hungry_Hungry_Katniss.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:04pm CDT

It's Week Three of Tarantino Month, and that can only mean one thing. Put on your Kangol hat, grab your Raptor bag, and grow some whack-ass facial hair, because it's Jackie Brown time. Paul and AJ wax rhapsodic about Pam Grier's badassitude, the mysterious cool of Robert Forster, the brilliant build-up to a perfect pay-off, and of how this might have been the last time Robert De Niro actually cared about acting. Plus, AJ describes the extreme elation and subsequent torture he put himself through by following a big-screen viewing of The Godfather with two Twilight movies; and Paul lambastes the media's coverage of John Carter.


Next: Rev your engines, boys and girls. Tarantino Month speeds along with Death Proof.

Direct download: Episode_88.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:30pm CDT

It's week two of Tarantino Month, so the boys discuss the big one: Pulp Fiction, the film that rekindled or launched a thousand careers. What's in the briefcase? Is Butch a true American patriot? What would have become of Vincent and Mia if things had gone a little differently? Did Reservoir Dogs' Mr. Pink survive to become Buddy Holly the waiter? Paul and AJ tackle these questions and more in discussing one of their all-time favorite films. Plus, AJ discusses Ben & Arthur, the worst movie he's ever seen; and Paul details how he amazingly tried to make his zoo visitors happy.


Next: Tarantino Month continues with a look at 1997's Jackie Brown.

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Boy, Paul and AJ sure are branching out, aren’t they? If interviews and 30-second specials weren’t enough for you, get ready to be thrilled and amazed by the boys’ first-ever commentary track! Born out of a whim to take up even more of your time, the guys decided to hunker down with a copy of Steven Spielberg’s mega-hit Jurassic Park and proffer their thoughts, musings, and ridiculous opinions on the film. Things they learned in the making of said commentary: you probably don’t want to live-feed dinosaurs; Jeff Goldblum’s exposed chest hairs get a lot of screen time; those short shorts look swell on Laura Dern, but not so much Bob Peck; and goddamn, what a great logo. I mean, there are other things, too, but it’s mostly about Jeff Goldblum’s pecs. So, enjoy!


If you enjoy this commentary and would like to hear more of them, drop us a line at or leave a comment on this here post. Which films would our voices enrich? Do you ever want to hear from us ever again after this? Let us know!

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Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite...and/or listen to us babble about Reservoir Dogs for the first entry of Tarantino Month here at Gobbledygeek? In covering Quentin Tarantino's first feature, we discuss the film's ingenious construction; Michael Madsen's disturbing performance as Mr. Blonde; why AJ thought he might go to hell after watching it for the first time; how it inspired a multitude of copycats; and why none of its imitators have ever been able to rival the real thing. Plus, the boys geek out over the Avengers trailer, Paul brags about a little somethin', and a revelation is revelated!


Next: Tarantino Month continues with a look at the big bang of '90s film, Pulp Fiction.

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As you may have heard, the Oscars were tonight. The body isn't even cold yet, but Paul and AJ are here on the scene with their barely coherent criticisms, crammed into 30 seconds!

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This week, Paul and AJ are joined by Joanna Gaskell and Rob Hunt of the

fantasy-based web series Standard Action. Joanna and Rob discuss filming

in the mud and rain of Vancouver, writing a part for yourself, and how to

finance an indie project, all before turning the tables on the boys. Plus,

AJ gets excited for the Oscars and gee, Paul really hates George Lucas.


Next: Tarantino Month kicks off with a look at the man's first feature,

Reservoir Dogs.

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The first surprise of 2012 is The Grey, the Liam Neeson survival film whose trailers could be politely described as Taken, Only by Wolves. However, such is not the case, and Paul and AJ discuss the movie's meditative reflections on life, death, and the human will to survive. And, yes, the movie's depiction of wolves as supernatural beasts...and whether or not any wolfpunching occurs. Plus, AJ details his remedy for illness (it involves a bad Nicolas Cage movie) and Paul talks about Kevin Smith's new reality show Comic Book Men.


Next: The boys interview Joanna Gaskell of the web series Standard Action.

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It's almost Valentine's Day, so grab your best guy/gal and settle down for the latest episode of Gobbledygeek, in which the boys discuss how marriage is presented in pop culture. It's really hard to find a pop marriage that isn't fundamentally fucked-up in one way or another, but Paul and AJ do their best. You've got everyone from Firefly's Wash and Zoe to The Honeymooners' Ralph and Alice, and then going to the dark side, even Breaking Bad's Walt and Skyler. Plus...Paul and AJ get engaged????


Next: the boys tackle Neeson v. Wolves, aka The Grey.

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Spring is about to get sprung (thanks for ruining that, Sir Mix-a-Lot), so Paul and AJ list 20 movies that might be worth your attention in February, March, and April. The films range from charming Japanese anime The Secret World of Arrietty to the very serious Albanian-language The Forgiveness of Blood; to the wacky high seas adventures of The Pirates! Band of Misfits to the Willem Dafoe/Sam Neill Tasmanian tiger (or is it wolf?) movie The Hunter. In between, you'll find films sappy, thrilling, terrifying, and hilarious. Hopefully. Also, the seeds for a future episode are nefariously planted, and: The Cabin in the Woods is finally coming out!


Next: Just in time for the chocolates and flowers and obnoxious greeting cards of Valentine’s Day, marriage in pop culture.

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It's 2012. The world is probably coming to a fiery end soon. So where is our flying car? And while we're at it, are there going to be lightsabers? Or clones? Or hoverboards? Or any number of things that science fiction and pop culture have promised us? Paul and AJ ruminate on these questions of the future, discussing whether or not some of these goals are attainable or even desirable. And heads up: shit gets kinda bleak.


Next week: Our 2012 Spring Movie Preview!

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Your worst nightmares have been realized: Paul and AJ are back with another season of Gobbledygeek! To kick things off, the boys discuss two films released late last year. Though they are both very different, they're both about damaged women: Young Adult, the very un-Juno-like reteaming of Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody, starring Charlize Theron as a self-obsessed YA author; and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, David Fincher's adaptation of the first book in Stieg Larsson's blockbuster Millennium series, starring Rooney Mara as fierce hacker/investigator Lisbeth Salander. They clash over Young Adult's polarizing conclusion, and come together in defense of Mara's Salander who has not been softened or overly sexualized, thank you very much.


Next: the future, according to pop culture.

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