Two boys, lost in the woods. A fearsome beast roaming the forest. A frog with many names. Potatoes...and molasses. What do these things all have in common? They're in Over the Garden Wall, the first-ever animated mini-series on Cartoon Network (and perhaps all of American television). The show, broken up in ten 11-minute installments, is a thing of weird and wild beauty. Paul and AJ discuss the many different references it draws from--Miyazaki, Adventure Time, Betty Boop--and how they all cohere to form one of the best cartoons in recent memory. So why don't you join them, over the garden wall? Plus, Paul has become an Avatar: The Last Airbender obsessive and AJ watched a whole bunch of movies during the Gobbledysleep.



Next: Wesley "Wezzo" Mead makes his annual hop, skip, and a jump over the pond.

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To kick off Gobbledygeek season 6, we have for you what we promised at the end of last season: a (nearly) full audio recording of The Deli Counter of Justice reading at Rickert & Beagle Books in Pittsburgh, PA on December 13, 2014. Paul, AJ, and Eric Sipple round out the Deli brain trust, with contributors Thomas Dorton and Alyssa Herron also on hand to read from their stories. In addition, there a few Qs & As before the audio cuts out. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did reading. Plus, Paul and AJ tease some highlights from the forthcoming season of the show.

Next: the boys discuss the odd, brilliant Cartoon Network mini-series Over the Garden Wall.

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