Our favorite Britisher, Wesley "Wezzo" Mead, makes his return to Gobbledygeek, appearing twice in one year for the first time. What does he have to say in his alluring hick accent? Lots about politics (they have elections over there too!), the cinema (he watched four whole movies the day we recorded this, including Paper Towns and Vacation!), and the sorry state of TV on DVD (it is ceasing to exist!). Paul and AJ once again have their knickers charmed off by everyone's favorite Trowbridge-ian, even if he is telling them about something called Pinky Malinky.



Next: Greg Sahadachny is back for more of Jeff Smith's Bone, this time discussing Vol. VI: Old Man's Cave.

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Comin' straight from the underground, this week Paul and AJ discuss the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. Yes, the two whitest podcasters you know deliver their take on the film's authenticity, its sad relevance, where it falls on the biopic spectrum, and yes, the bizarre fact that Ice Cube offspring O'Shea Jackson Jr. is playing Ice Cube. Here's hoping it's less awkward than that time they jammed to "Accidental Racist."



Next: that charming Brit, Wesley "Wezzo" Mead, is back for another round of charming Brit-ness.

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Stop me if you've heard this one before: a near-autistic supergenius, a Portishead-loving invisible girl, a man on fire, and a big ol' pile of rocks walk into another dimension... Oh wait, you have heard this one before? You didn't like it then, either? Huh. Hollywood has now ruined the Fantastic Four three times, and Paul and AJ are on hand to detail all the ways this one goes wrong. What makes it worse is that it starts with Josh Trank's good intentions to give Marvel's first family a fresh update with a strong cast featuring Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jaime Bell. Re-edits, reshoots, and one incomprehensible finale later, those good intentions have been nullified. What happened? DOOM.



Next: who knows? It’s a mystery episode.

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The Geek Challenge once more rears its ugly head, this time to a dark and somber tune. That's right, Paul and AJ have decided to talk about music again, a subject which they famously lack the words to discuss. But that won't stop 'em! AJ has challenged Paul to John Lennon's debut solo album, 1970's John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, known for its direct and confessional lyrics; while Paul has challenged AJ to the middle album in The Sisters of Mercy catalogue, 1987's Floodland, a dark and alluring set of songs which may make no sense whatsoever. How much will Paul and AJ embarrass themselves? Tune in and find out!



Next: Fantastic Four? Don't get ahead of yourself.

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Power is the only thing of substance in this world. Well, that and Jeff Smith's Bone, which Greg Sahadachny of The Debatable Podcast joins Paul and AJ to discuss once more. This time, the gang scales the cliffs of Vol. V: Rock Jaw - Master of the Eastern Border. It's an imposing title for such a straightforward volume, not to mention the shortest of the series thus far. Yet the boys find plenty to talk about, including the introduction of new character Roque Ja, a smooth-talking feline whose name no one can pronounce; the moving tale of Smiley and Bartleby the rat creature cub; and whether or not Smith gets away with the dreamlike narrative.

Next: Paul and AJ face the music with a new Geek Challenge. AJ must listen to Floodland by Sisters of Mercy, while Paul has to give John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band a spin.

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