The summer movie season is right around the corner, and Paul and AJ dive into a plethora of releases from the tentpoles to the (many, apparently) interesting limited releases. Superheroes? Check. Chick flicks? Check. Painfully quirky indie movies? Check. And most importantly, Justin Timberlake? Check, check, and here's a little more check. Plus: news, Paul and AJ's take on Steve Carell's final episode of The Office, and some Gobbler correspondence. Pop some corn and enjoy.

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Is your knowledge of World of Warcraft limited to South Park? Boy, have we 
got a show for you! Like they did last year with Twilight, Paul and AJ 
turn to a special guest to explain a geek phenomenon they have little to 
no experience with. Enter Mark, our WoW expert; he'll tell you everything 
you could ever want to know about the game. Beyond the nerdish specs, he 
talks about why he's drawn to the game, what it means to him, and what 
kind of gamer would enjoy it. And yes, he does talk about the South Park 
episode. Plus: news, Formspring questions, upcoming DVD releases, and 
reviews (See My Friends by Ray Davies, Hobo with a Shotgun, Hanna, The 
Green Hornet, Source Code, and Standard Action).

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March was National Women's History Month, so of course Gobbledygeek starts April off with a show about...strong women in fiction! Scheduling is our strong suit. Paul and AJ discuss the notion of feminism--spoiler: they are 100% pro-woman, but vague on what the tenets of feminism actually are--and discuss such strong fictional women as Wonder Woman, Ellen Ripley, Dana Scully, and duh, Buffy Summers. Then there's the discussion of Sucker Punch, and yeah...opinions, they differ. Plus: news and upcoming DVD releases.

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