The lost episode of Gobbledygeek, "True Swan/Black Grit," was recorded way back on January 8. Initially conceived as a test episode for the show's new format, we then thought, "Hey. Because we're lazy bastards, this might also make a really convenient filler episode." And now, ladies and gentleturkeys, the time has come: half of the Gobbledyteam is away (on business, we're told), so we're unearthing this oft-mentioned chestnut in which Paul and AJ review the then-current films True Grit (harmony!) and Black Swan (dischord!). And we thought last week's episode was about time travel! Plus: outdated news, AJ reviewing The Fighter and Never Let Me Go, Paul reviewing Justified and possibly more!

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Let's say you go back in time and kill your grandfather. This means you were never born. And more importantly, it means that you're not here, about to listen to Gobbledygeek either, something I believe we can all agree would be a grave tragedy. Paul and AJ discuss just such a time travel paradox, as well as methods of time travel and its reflections in pop culture, in this week's episode. We've got the flux capacitor fired up; hop in. Plus: news, AJ's review of Hereafter, and Formspring questions!


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Thor kicks off the summer movie season this weekend, so Paul and AJ get hammered--by, uh, by the movie, of course. Yeah. They discuss the look of Asgard, whether or not the mythology stuff is super goofy, Chris Hemsworth's terrific performance, and what Thor means for Captain America and The Avengers. Plus: news and Formspring questions.

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