Holy chafing podcasts, Gobblers! The boys wrap up their second season by (what else?) talking. A lot. It’s the Gobbledygeek 2011 Year-End Review, which basically means Paul and AJ go on and on about the stuff that they loved (and hated) in geeky pop culture for the past twelve months. And they bicker a little bit. And there may be name calling at one point. But no formal charges have been filed, so all-in-all a great way to end our sophomore year. No blood, no foul.


Next: Some well-deserved time off. For you guys, that is. For the boys it’s nothing but work, work, work to get ready for the all-new, all-different Gobbledygeek Season Three, premiering January 21st, 2012!  

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For this holiday season, the boys rewind to their respective childhoods and visit a cherished classic: Joe Dante's Gremlins. It's not your usual holiday fare, unless your usual holiday fare involves murder, isanity, and chaos. They discuss whether or not the film actually holds up to the harsh light of adulthood, whether those damn rules make any sense, and just how high the author of the film's novelization was. AJ reviews We Need to Talk About Kevin, Paul gripes about The Defenders #1, and then we get around to Nathan's snarky Formspring question of the week.


Next: the Gobbledygeek season 2 finale is our year-end round-up of everything we loved (and hated) in 2011.

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If there's anything we learned from A Charlie Brown Christmas, it's that

Christmas has become far too commercialized and that the true spirit of

Christmas isn't in the gifts that you receive. So, going entirely against

that lesson from our childhoods, we've concocted the second annual

Gobbledygeek Gift Guide! We'll clue you into everything you should buy for

that nerd in your life, be they into movies (The Tree of Life! Hanna!),

music (Nirvana! Pink Floyd!), games (Arkham City! Skyrim!), or more. We

also leaven all the cynical buying and spending with genuine, heartfelt

appreciations of the movies We Bought a Zoo, Hugo, and The Muppets, plus

some Formspring questions and an e-mail.


Next: We continue our Christmas celebration with a discussion of Gremlins.

Because who doesn't like to think of Phoebe Cates' dad getting stuck in

the chimney when they're putting up the tree?

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Leaves changing color? Check. Days getting shorter? Check. The bitter taste of your college sports team getting its butt kicked? Double check. So what else could you possibly need? How about the second annual Gobbledygeek Thanksgiving Special?! Much more restrained this year than in our freshman effort, but we still managed to blackmail a couple of guests into stopping by to help us be all thankful and shit. Nathan and Kevin make their long-awaited returns to the Gobblecave to say nice things about the stuff they're thankful for...and to mock us, your beloved Gobbledyhosts. It's a holiday tradition!

Next: No show next week, as we will all be stuffing our faces with food and being passive-aggressive with our families. Good times! We'll return, bloated but rested, December 2nd with the latest Gobbledygift Guide.

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Turkey Day's early this year! Universes collide, worlds explode, and galaxies collapse as Paul and AJ actually meet face-to-face for the first time ever for GobbleCon 2011! As such, this is the one for the faithful: the boys don't take on any outside topics, just report from the front lines about all the places they've visited, all the food they've eaten, and all the Rock Band they've played. To be fair, there's also a joint review of Andrew Niccol's In Time. It's mostly about food, though.

Next: the second annual Gobbledygeek Thanksgiving, which may or may not include some special guests.

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This week, the boys get their Bat on, discussing the new video game

Batman: Arkham City and the new animated film Batman: Year One. Does

Arkham City improve on Arkham Asylum? Does Kevin Conroy have the greatest

batvoice ever? Is Year One a faithful adaptation of Frank Miller and David

Mazzuchelli's classic comic book? Does Bryan Cranston make for a great Jim

Gordon? These questions, and many more, are answered in the affirmative.

Plus, a reader e-mail and some Formspring questions, including what may be

the last "oeuvre" question ever.


Next: Paul and AJ meet up for GobbleCon 2011!

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For the final week of Gobbledyween, Paul revisits Event Horizon for the

first time since theaters and AJ watches it for the very first time. Also

probably the last. You see, it's not very good. Unlike The Evil Dead, The

Thing, and Dawn of the Dead, this one's not so much a classic, but the

boys still mine some discussion and humor from it. They also ponder the

philosophical query: do you need clothes? As always, there are some

Formspring questions to round things out.


Next: it's a Bat-travaganza as we tackle Batman: Arkham City and the new

Batman: Year One animated film.

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When there is no more room in hell, the Gobbledygeeks will walk the earth. And while we're here, we shall discuss George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead! That's right, zombiefolk, it's Gobbledyween week three, so we're turning our rotting, shambling corpses upon one of the original undead classics. Part consumerism satire and part gory munchfest, the film set a high bar for zombie films that not many of them have been able to shuffle up to. After we discuss the film and go off on some bizarre tangents, we talk about the Walking Dead season 2 premiere and answer some off-the-wall Formspring questions.


Next: for the final week of Gobbledyween 2011, we will discuss Event Horizon, a movie that Paul has not seen since it was in theaters and one AJ has never seen. Good times!

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The second installment of Gobbledyween 2011, John Carpenter's The Thing,

gets discussed just as its new prequel/remake is hitting theaters. The

boys discuss the film's paranoia, claustrophobia, and intensity, as well

as why Paul considers it possibly the greatest horror film ever made. Also

mentioned are the film's initially poor reception and Christian

Nyby/Howard Hawks' original The Thing from Another World. Plus: Paul talks

concerts, AJ talks Moneyball, and they both review 50/50.


Next: Gobbledyween week three rolls along with a discussion of George A.

Romero's Dawn of the Dead.

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We were made to be ruled by this Avengers trailer! The boys review the preview in the first-ever Gobbledyspecial. Explosions! Sparring superheroes! Robert Downey Jr. reciting Joss Whedon dialogue! Avengers Assemble? More like AWESOME Assemble! Am I right?

Direct download: Avengers_Trailer.mp3
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This week, we get sad AND silly. First, the boys say goodbye to Apple founder and tech visionary Steve Jobs. Then, to keep anyone from taking them too seriously they kick off this year’s Gobbledygeek Halloween (Gobbledy’ween?) Film Festival with a ribald discussion of the Sam Raimi classic The Evil Dead. Also: AJ reviews the Wasikowska/Fassbender interpretation of Jane Eyre; Paul hints at what you can probably expect from the  review of the Ethan Gilsdorf book Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks he’s bound to do someday; and a slew of Formspring questions.


Next: John Carpenter’s The Thing

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This week, Paul and AJ discuss Ernest Cline's new book Ready Player One, which may as well be the geek manifesto of 2011. Dystopian future, an evil corporation, an immersive virtual world, 80's pop culture references out the wazoo...yeah, it pretty much covers all the bases. AJ also offers his opinion of Drive to counter Paul's, and reviews the indie film Terri.


Next: We kick off our month-long horror-palooza with a discussion of The Evil Dead.

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It’s a veritable cornucopia of conversation as Paul and AJ let it roll with another fast-and-loose episode. Netflix’s questionable new business strategy is discussed (tweets are read aloud!), some of the new/returning fall TV shows are subject to the boys’ discerning gaze (planking is dissed!), R.E.M.’s break-up is mourned (Michael Stipe’s penis!), and more. Paul offers up his review of Drive, while AJ raves about Girls’ new album Father, Son, Holy Ghost. If you like your Gobbledygeek served raw and rambly, this one’s for you! Whatever that means. Forget I said anything.


Next: Ernest Cline’s new geek bible, Ready Player One!

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Welcome, boys and girls, to another off-the-cuff, scriptless episode. After a little bit of getting’ to know you banter, the boys randomly decide to talk about why we geeks are so drawn to works of fantasy and science-fiction. They also say some words about the latest wave of DC Comic’s New 52, AJ shares his thoughts on the films Our Idiot Brother and Horrible Bosses, and Paul waxes rhapsodic on Another Earth. But of course what we all care about here are the boys thoughts on the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #1 (hint: they dig it), and Ultimate Spider-Man #1, which includes them mocking the %#$& out of “valued reader” Jimmy Champane and “formally happy Marvel true believer” Douglas Maxfield. Good times.

Direct download: Episode_67.mp3
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Paul and AJ have already told you what movies you're going to watch this fall, but what about those nights when you feel like staying in and staring slack-jawed at your television screen? Well, ladies and germs,we've got you covered! The boys discuss a number of new shows--sci-fi dramas like Terra Nova and comedies like New Girl, starring the glorious angel that is Zooey Deschanel--and returning ones--from Community to Boardwalk Empire. Now you have no excuse not to be as anti-social as humanly possible. You can thank us later! Plus: Paul reviews more DC New 52 books; AJ tells you why you need Spotify in your life; we've got the second half of last week's Formspring question; and a listener e-mail.

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Hello Gobblers! In honor of this Labor Day holiday, the boys did absolutely no work to get this podcast ready. No news. No predetermined topic. Just two geeks chatting and ranting, freestyle…like nerdy, talentless Flava Flavs. Thrill as the boys complain about George Lucas! Marvel as they complain about the debut of the DC New 52! (See what I did there?) Roll your eyes as they conflate adorable actress Karen Gillan and adorable (?) writer Kieron Gillen! They saw some movies and say some things about ‘em; they pimp some local record stores; they sing the praises of Direct Comic Book Service (http://www.dcbservice.com/) and InStockTrades (http://www.instocktrades.com/)…PLEASE SPONSOR US! 

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Gather 'round, boys and girls! The leaves will soon be falling from the 
trees; snow can't be too far off after that. After long, strenuous days of 
leaf-blowing and snow-shoveling, what better way to take respite than by 
going to a movie? Well, luckily for you, Paul and AJ have got your 
fall/winter itinerary covered: they discuss 65 (!) movies coming out from 
September through January, from blockbusters like The Girl with the Dragon 
Tattoo to arthouse flicks like The Artist, from sure-to-be-awful movies 
like The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 to sure-to-be-awesome 
movies like Carnage. As August comes to a close, pour yourself a mug of 
hot cocoa, wrap yourself in a parka, and fantasize about all the 
moviegoing you'll be doing the next few months.

Next: Maaaaybe TV previews?

Direct download: Episode_64.mp3
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Have you ever been inexplicably, powerfully moved by a scene in a film? Has there ever been a moment in your favorite television series that captivated you beyond all explanation? Have you found yourself so strongly identifying with a paragraph, page or chapter in a book that you feel as though you’ve been forever transformed? Paul and AJ have, more times than they can count. Hear just some of the scenes from pop culture that have spoken to them over the years. Also, AJ sees The Smurfs and lives to smurf the smurf (but just barely.) And our Formspring page is being ridden like a two dollar whore lately, giving us more questions than the boys could possibly answer… but they give the ol’ college try anyway.


Next: 2011 Fall/Winter Movie Preview

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Everything old is new again. Hollywood insists that there are no new stories to tell. This week, Paul and AJ wander through the desert of pop culture and discuss the ups and downs (mostly downs) of prequels and reboots, looking for the rare oases of creativity. Also, Paul spends way too long saying not nearly enough about the latest reboot, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. And the boys wrap it all up with a slew of Formspring questions.


Next: Your guess is as good as ours. 

Direct download: Episode_62.mp3
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For the latest Geek Challenge, the boys challenged each other to watch two

very different Westerns: Clint Eastwood's classic 1976 outing The Outlaw

Josey Wales for AJ, and the Coen Brothers' 2007 award-winner No County for

Old Men for Paul. One is an epic tale of revenge, filled with Indians and

shoot-outs and starring the Spirit of the West himself. The other is a

bleak modern Western featuring a frightening force of nature ripping

through anyone in his way. How does the Challenge turn out? How often does

Josey Wales spit? How dorky is Anton Chigurh's hair? These questions, and

probably not others, will be answered in this week's gobble-rific Geek

Challenge! Plus: news, the boys' joint review of Captain America: The

First Avenger, and too many Formspring questions!

Next: Something to do with Apes?

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San Diego had its annual expo/trade show/clusterfuck from July 20-24, Comic-Con International, and while the Gobblers weren't actually on hand, they discuss some of the biggest comics, movies, and TV news to emerge from its seething bowels. Oh, and some nifty cosplaying. (Also some pathetic cosplaying. But we're trying to be positive here.) Plus: news and Formspring questions!



Next: "No Country for the Outlaw Josey Wales."

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Captain America has arrived to some very positive buzz, but not all superhero adaptations fare so well. Paul and AJ are here with their official list of the 5 Worst Superhero Adaptations...but to console your inevitable sense of despair, they've also got the 5 Best Superhero Adaptations. Tights, capes, laser beams, and nipples are all on display. Merely a day's work for our intrepid Gobblers.


Next: Comic-Con 2011!


‘Nuff Said.

Direct download: Episode_59.mp3
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Yes, ladies and gentlemen: the C-Word! We're talking about canon, of course. (And its dirty little sister, continuity.) These two words, and fan reaction to them, have defined a lot of fandom. How do you react to the supposed reality of a fictional story? Is it fluid? Who has the right to decide where canon begins and ends? These questions and more are blathered on about by Paul and AJ this week. Plus: news, AJ's review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, and Formspring questions.

Direct download: Episode_58.mp3
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I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn...the geek who watches Game of Thrones and has come here to rant and rave about it for your listening pleasure. Paul and AJ delve into the realm of Game of Thrones, including its many (oh god so many) characters, many of whom are wonderfully despicable; its shocking moments; its adorably incestuous sibling-on-sibling action. All that, plus: news, Paul's thoughts on Zookeeper and The Tree of Life, and Formspring questions.


Next: the boys discuss fandom's two big C-words--canon and continuity.

Direct download: Episode_57.mp3
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Nostalgia...it's that bittersweet pang, that intangible sense memory, when 
you encounter something that makes you want to go home again. It's also 
informed many major geek properties these past few decades, and is a 
buzzword of late thanks to J.J. Abrams' Super 8. AJ and Paul discuss 
things that make them nostalgic, the films Super 8 lovingly pays homage 
to, and of course, the movie itself. Plus: news, the boys' review of The 
Killing season 1, and a spectacularly dumb Formspring question.

Next: we're off for the Fourth of July holiday, but we'll return July 9 
with all-new geeking.

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You may have heard that DC's relaunching/rebooting/re-whatevering their entire line. We certainly have, and rejoined by Nathan, we're here to discuss all 52 titles, from the Batmen to the WildC.A.T.S. to the...questionable decisions made by just about everyone involved. But hey! It's not us to be cynical, right? Right? Is this thing on? Plus: news and Formspring questions!

Direct download: Episode_55.mp3
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This week, Nathan joins Paul and AJ to discuss some of the biggest and 
best things to come out of this year's E3. Chiefly, there's Nintendo's new 
console, Wii U--its fancypants controller, its surprisingly decent 
technical specs, its silly name. We also puzzle out why exactly motion 
control features, a la Microsoft's Kinect, don't herald the future of 
gaming just yet, and talk about some of our most anticipated games, such 
as Luigi's Mansion 2 and Sonic Generations. Plus: news, our group review 
of X-Men: First Class, and Formspring questions.

Next: Nathan rejoins us to discuss the DC Comics relaunch in all of its 
ridiculousness. (Another friend may join in as well!)

Direct download: Episode_54.mp3
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Geek Challenge time! Paul has astonishingly never seen the KILL BILL films, so AJ challenges him to watch them; and in turn, Paul challenges AJ to watch the BILL & TED films. Because of course. Will Paul thrill to the killing of Bill? Will AJ have a most excellent time? Is that real Hattori Hanzo steel? These questions and more will be answered in this week's exciting installment of Gobbledygeek! Plus: news, Paul's thoughts on L.A. NOIRE, AJ shares his Disney Dream cruise experience, and Formspring questions.

Next: the boys, with an assist from Nathan, talk about the coolest games and tech to come out of E3 2011.

Direct download: Episode_53.mp3
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The lost episode of Gobbledygeek, "True Swan/Black Grit," was recorded way back on January 8. Initially conceived as a test episode for the show's new format, we then thought, "Hey. Because we're lazy bastards, this might also make a really convenient filler episode." And now, ladies and gentleturkeys, the time has come: half of the Gobbledyteam is away (on business, we're told), so we're unearthing this oft-mentioned chestnut in which Paul and AJ review the then-current films True Grit (harmony!) and Black Swan (dischord!). And we thought last week's episode was about time travel! Plus: outdated news, AJ reviewing The Fighter and Never Let Me Go, Paul reviewing Justified and possibly more!

Direct download: True_GritBlack_Swan.mp3
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Let's say you go back in time and kill your grandfather. This means you were never born. And more importantly, it means that you're not here, about to listen to Gobbledygeek either, something I believe we can all agree would be a grave tragedy. Paul and AJ discuss just such a time travel paradox, as well as methods of time travel and its reflections in pop culture, in this week's episode. We've got the flux capacitor fired up; hop in. Plus: news, AJ's review of Hereafter, and Formspring questions!


Direct download: Episode_52.mp3
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Thor kicks off the summer movie season this weekend, so Paul and AJ get hammered--by, uh, by the movie, of course. Yeah. They discuss the look of Asgard, whether or not the mythology stuff is super goofy, Chris Hemsworth's terrific performance, and what Thor means for Captain America and The Avengers. Plus: news and Formspring questions.

Direct download: Episode_51.mp3
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The summer movie season is right around the corner, and Paul and AJ dive into a plethora of releases from the tentpoles to the (many, apparently) interesting limited releases. Superheroes? Check. Chick flicks? Check. Painfully quirky indie movies? Check. And most importantly, Justin Timberlake? Check, check, and here's a little more check. Plus: news, Paul and AJ's take on Steve Carell's final episode of The Office, and some Gobbler correspondence. Pop some corn and enjoy.

Direct download: Episode_50.mp3
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Is your knowledge of World of Warcraft limited to South Park? Boy, have we 
got a show for you! Like they did last year with Twilight, Paul and AJ 
turn to a special guest to explain a geek phenomenon they have little to 
no experience with. Enter Mark, our WoW expert; he'll tell you everything 
you could ever want to know about the game. Beyond the nerdish specs, he 
talks about why he's drawn to the game, what it means to him, and what 
kind of gamer would enjoy it. And yes, he does talk about the South Park 
episode. Plus: news, Formspring questions, upcoming DVD releases, and 
reviews (See My Friends by Ray Davies, Hobo with a Shotgun, Hanna, The 
Green Hornet, Source Code, and Standard Action).

Please check out our REAL, official blog -- gobbledygeekbtr.wordpress.com

Direct download: Episode_49.mp3
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March was National Women's History Month, so of course Gobbledygeek starts April off with a show about...strong women in fiction! Scheduling is our strong suit. Paul and AJ discuss the notion of feminism--spoiler: they are 100% pro-woman, but vague on what the tenets of feminism actually are--and discuss such strong fictional women as Wonder Woman, Ellen Ripley, Dana Scully, and duh, Buffy Summers. Then there's the discussion of Sucker Punch, and yeah...opinions, they differ. Plus: news and upcoming DVD releases.

Please check us out at our REAL blog: gobbledygeekbtr.wordpress.com

Direct download: Episode_48.mp3
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Ever wanted to get away? Ever wanted to escape into a world different from your own, if only for a moment? Sure you have. Everyone has. In this week's episode, Paul and AJ ruminate on which fictional worlds they'd like to live in, even if, as their selections prove, the mortality rate would be fairly high. On our itinerary, there's Sunnydale, CA; Middle-earth; Toronto (though a very specific Toronto); even Sesame Street. You've also got news; upcoming DVD releases; AJ's reviews of the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost extraterrestrial comedy Paul and Stephen King's novella collection Full Dark, No Stars; and Paul's brief look at the Stand by Me: 25th Anniversary Blu-ray.

Don't forget to check out our REAL blog!  -  http://gobbledygeekbtr.wordpress.com/

Direct download: Episode_47.mp3
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Endeavoring to enlighten the non-comics-reading portion of their audience, Paul and AJ offer up a sort of Comics 101 class: twenty-seven recommendations for beginners in five different categories. From superhero fare like Batman: Year One to webcomics like The Perry Bible Fellowship; from the engrossing autiobiography Blankets to the fantasy epic Fables; from the zombie opus The Walking Dead to Calvin and Hobbes; we've attempted to cover most of the bases. In addition to all o' that, you've also got your news, your upcoming DVD releases, Paul's takes on some brand new comics, and AJ's thoughts on a few movies.

Be sure and check out the REAL blog - gobbledygeekbtr.wordpress.com

Direct download: Episode_46.mp3
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To celebrate Gobbledygeek's one-year anniversary, Paul and AJ decide to reach back into the dusty, cobweb-laced corners of their minds to bring us their Secret Origins: their first geek experiences, what led them to becoming full-fledged geeks, what made them into who they are today. Such memories as paper-and-dice role-playing, live-action role-playing, and chat room role-playing are brought up...wow, that's a lot of role-playing. Never again question their geek credentials. Also, things like comic books, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, computers, and more. Plus you've got news; upcoming DVD releases; AJ's takes on The Troll Hunter, Another Year, and How Do You Know; and Paul and AJ's joint reviews of The Adjustment Bureau and Rango.

Please check out our REAL, OFFICIAL blog:  gobbledygeekbtr.wordpress.com

Direct download: Episode_45.mp3
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Episode 44, "Twenty Dollar Toilet Paper?!?"

So. I've got some good news and I've got some bad news. Bad news first: this week the boys talk about the Oscars. Again. But if I have anything to say about it this will be the last time. Possibly ever. However, the good news: no one mentions Charlie Sheen even once the entire show! So... there's that. Also there's news, some new release DVD picks, AJ reviews the new Dum Dum Girls EP and Tunes: A Comic Book History of Rock & Roll. And Paul says some words about Supernatural, the Rango soundtrack, and the 1977 Ralph Bakshi animated "classic" Wizards.

Be sure and check out our REAL website, http://gobbledygeekbtr.wordpress.com/

Direct download: Episode_44.mp3
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Episode 43, "Daytripping with Sweet-Toothed Nocturnal Orcs"

Paul had a very good "geek week," as he puts it, and so discusses a bunch of the things he consumed in the past week: the TV series Archer and Around the World with Karl Pilkington; the comics Nocturnals: Black Planet, Sweet Tooth, Orc Stain, and Daytripper; and more. After that, the geeks take a look at upcoming DVD releases, offer pithy comments on the state of the US box office, and in another exciting installment of "Reel Picks," AJ reviews The Expendables and Get Low before being joined by Paul to discuss All-Star Superman.


Next: our Oscars post-mortem. 

Direct download: Episode_43.mp3
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Episode 42, "Life, The Universe, and Gobbledygeek"

Paul and AJ celebrate the meaning of life, the universe, and everything by offering up their Deep Thought on how to approach this week's show. Which, of course, is to fly by the seat of their pants and just talk about whatever they want. They dabble in music--AJ offers his belated thoughts on Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Paul shares with us his journey through the Rush catalog; movies--reviewed are The Illusionist, Waiting for Superman, and Eric Lax's book Conversations with Woody Allen; and sheer randomness--taking to Formspring and asking each other ridiculous questions. It's about as fun as reading Vogon poetry! So knock back your Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, and don't panic: we've laid out towels for everyone. You may need a Babel fish, though.


Direct download: Episode_42.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:06am CDT

Gobbledygeek episode 41, "Saturday Morning Gobbledygeek"

Paul and AJ reminisce about the good ol' days when Saturday morning meant setting your alarm for the ass-crack of dawn, racing downstairs, diving into a bowl of sugary cereal, and plopping down in front of your television for the wonders that awaited you in the world of animation. Favorite cartoons, some that age better than others, but nevertheless hold a special place in our hearts. Also AJ gives us a Reel Picks trifecta, hitting the three extremes of our ratings scale. And Paul talks about Glee, Justified, and a bit of live music... and makes slightly more sense than he did last week.

Direct download: Episode_41.mp3
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Gobbledygeek Episode 40, "Etewaf"

Paul and AJ discuss creators that have either earned or betrayed their fanboy trust. Who the hell do these guys think they are anyway? Also AJ speaks eloquently about Dreamworks' Megamind, and Paul speaks like a braindamaged gerbil about Watership Down and Return of the Dapper Men.

Direct download: Episode_40.mp3
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Gobbledygeek episode 39, "Little Gold Men," has danced and sung its way onto the big stage of the interwebs. This week's dog and pony show features the boys making their Oscar predictions, talking a little music (actually a LOT of music), a skosh of TV, and just a little bit of Kevin Smith. Oh, and AJ may or may not fall out of his chair.    

Direct download: Episode_39.mp3
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Gobbledygeek #38: "Springtime for Puffy Val Kilmer"

Season Two marches on! This week the boys look ahead to the Spring film season and tell us all what we should (or shouldn't) plan on seeing in the next few months. They also call out Christopher Nolan for his villainy, mock the intardwebs for not knowing what is sexy, and uncover the perfect tubby actor to play Alfred Hitchcock. 

Direct download: Episode_38.mp3
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Gobbledygeek Episode 37, "A New Geek Year"

The boys are back! It's a new year, a new season, and obviously a new format for the show.

Direct download: Episode_37.mp3
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Twenty-Seven #2 - Two Plus Seven Equals Nine... And So Much More in Charles Soule's Newest Limited Series


Review by Paul Smith

It's hard to be a rock star.  Screaming fans.  Adoring women.  Roadies separating your M&M's by color.

Oh, and there's that whole dead by 27 thing.

The myth of the 27 Club, that list of fiendishly talented rock and blues musicians that all died at the age of 27, isn't new.  As a fan of Jim Morrison, as well as the other points of the rock and roll holy trinity, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, I've known about the Club for many years.  Writer Charles Soule and artist Renzo Podesta take that familar yet somehow underexplored concept and put some supernatural (or possibly science-fiction) wings on it with their new four-issue miniseries from Image Comics, 27.  It's an idea so brilliantly obvious that I HATE them for thinking of it before I did.

Will Garland, bonafide guitar hero, had the world at his feet.  Until he was stricken with a rare nerve condition that rendered his fret hand useless.  After spending months (and fortunes) seeking a cure, on his 27th birthday he finds the proverbial mad scientist who claims he can perform the miracle of giving Will his music back.  Alien-looking devices, animal sacrifices, and a glimpse "behind the curtain" of reality later and Will HAS his mojo again. Sort of.  And it comes with a price.  Now all he wants is to leave the Club, to live to see his 28th birthday.

And that pretty much covers the first issue.  Now in issue two we start to learn just a little bit more about what's really going on, and why so many amazing artists are taken from the world at 27.

"In my studies, I inadvertently made contact with an... intelligence.  This being is extremely fond of the number nine.  It might actually BE the number nine."

Two concepts I wasn't originally expecting when I first heard about this series, but am very excited about now: the focus on numerology; and the exploration of creativity as a force, not just in terms of music, but in all art forms.  This entity, Nine, seems to be attracted to the act of creation, though what it gets from it remains to be seen.  And there's another entity, a darker one, that may or may not have its own agenda.  Soule gives a unique voice to each character, including these otherworldly creatures.  But the voice from this issue that I particularly loved would have to be the cranky math professor.  I've known that man and was a little disturbed to see him talking to me from these pages.

Podesta's art is fittingly tenebrous and dreamlike.  It actually reminds me a bit of the better Vertigo artists, particularly Peter Gross.  And that's a very, very good thing.  I'm unfamiliar with any of his previous works, but I will definitely be following him in the future.

Finally I need to mention cover artist W. Scott Forbes.  The first issue had a very iconic, almost band poster-esque look to it.  It definitely suggested the young, vibrant, "golden god" kind of rockstar, like 27 Club members Kurt Cobain or Brian Jones.  The cover for this second issue however has a more somber tone, featuring Will looking rather like legendary bluesman Robert Johnson, draped in the affections of a couple of comely ghosts.  Looking forward to seeing the next two covers.  I have the feeling Forbes' choice of inspiration for each issue may have some deeper significance.

And speaking of deeper significance, there is apparently a puzzle built into the book.  There are little clues relating to music and the number nine hidden across all four issues.  I'm told that finding all of the clues will give the reader a set of instructions to follow.  Don't know what the prize or payoff at the end is, but it's a fun little Easter Egg to include and gives readers one more reason to study every word and pore over every image.

RATING:  3.5/5

Twenty-Seven #2 by Charles Soule, Renzo Podesta and W. Scott Forbes, hits comic shop shelves on January 5th, 2011.

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