Leaves changing color? Check. Days getting shorter? Check. The bitter taste of your college sports team getting its butt kicked? Double check. So what else could you possibly need? How about the second annual Gobbledygeek Thanksgiving Special?! Much more restrained this year than in our freshman effort, but we still managed to blackmail a couple of guests into stopping by to help us be all thankful and shit. Nathan and Kevin make their long-awaited returns to the Gobblecave to say nice things about the stuff they're thankful for...and to mock us, your beloved Gobbledyhosts. It's a holiday tradition!

Next: No show next week, as we will all be stuffing our faces with food and being passive-aggressive with our families. Good times! We'll return, bloated but rested, December 2nd with the latest Gobbledygift Guide.

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Turkey Day's early this year! Universes collide, worlds explode, and galaxies collapse as Paul and AJ actually meet face-to-face for the first time ever for GobbleCon 2011! As such, this is the one for the faithful: the boys don't take on any outside topics, just report from the front lines about all the places they've visited, all the food they've eaten, and all the Rock Band they've played. To be fair, there's also a joint review of Andrew Niccol's In Time. It's mostly about food, though.

Next: the second annual Gobbledygeek Thanksgiving, which may or may not include some special guests.

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This week, the boys get their Bat on, discussing the new video game

Batman: Arkham City and the new animated film Batman: Year One. Does

Arkham City improve on Arkham Asylum? Does Kevin Conroy have the greatest

batvoice ever? Is Year One a faithful adaptation of Frank Miller and David

Mazzuchelli's classic comic book? Does Bryan Cranston make for a great Jim

Gordon? These questions, and many more, are answered in the affirmative.

Plus, a reader e-mail and some Formspring questions, including what may be

the last "oeuvre" question ever.


Next: Paul and AJ meet up for GobbleCon 2011!

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