Paul and Arlo are in the place to be, rapping about Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree. For the latest Four-Color Flashback installment, our nerdy white heroes take on nerdy white cartoonist Piskor’s quartet (so far) of graphic novels discussing the history of hip hop culture. The boys discuss Piskor’s art, equally indebted to underground comix and superhero books of the ‘70s and ‘80s; how the physical editions beautifully replicate the aesthetics of the time period; how Piskor captures the rhythm and fluidity of DJs and breakdancers; and what in the hell he’s got against Russell “Rush” Simmons.


Next: Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood is Family-friendly entertainment.


Total Run Time: 01:22:35

00:00:35  - Intro / Main Topic

01:18:40  - Outro / Next

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Paul cannot get his fridge under control because these damn restaurants keep serving him so much damn food. He and Arlo discuss the uniquely American problem of ever-expanding portion sizes, stopping at the Cheesecake Factory before taking a detour into canine conundrums, parental pondering, and nostalgic nightmares. You’ll never look at a Heffalump the same way. Featuring a cameo from Fatty Liver & The Teething Puppies!


Next: the Gobbledygeeks in the place to be, gettin’ busy with Hip Hop Family Tree.


Total Run Time: 01:16:05

00:00:58  - Intro / Portion Sizes

00:06:45  - Trigger Warning: IBS

00:14:48  - Heffalumps and Woozles Haunt My Dreams

00:18:40  - Feline Facts and Canine Cliches

00:32:11  - Let’s Have Kids...Or Not

00:48:15  - Teasing That Deliverse Podcast Thing

00:50:34  - NKOTB / Not Down With “Fluffer” Acts

01:10:00  - Outro / Next

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Pack your unnamed dead uncle's bags, grab your favorite designer sunglasses (that can also level whole cities), and fly on over for a discussion of Spider-Man: Far from Home. GameZone editor-in-chief Cade Onder swings by to join Paul and Arlo, becoming simultaneously the biggest Spider-Fan and the youngest guest to ever grace the podcast. The gang debates the moral implications of EDITH, the gentrification of Peter Parker, whether or not Zendaya is the best MJ, and if we ever need to see that dang Iron Spider suit again.


Next: free the gobble.


Total Run Time: 01:42:45

00:00:30  - Intro / Guest

00:06:30  - Main Topic (Non-Spoilery)

00:22:07  - Main Topic (SPOILERS)

01:37:40  - Outro / Next

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We’re tired. So tired. That’s what you want to hear when you’re about to fire up a podcast, right? You are reading this, aren’t you? Buried among such illuminating subjects as the coffee Arlo’s drinking, Paul’s underhanded behind-the-scenes manipulations, and the boys’ general unprofessionalism, there is indeed some pop culture palaver and parley. The boys are digging HBO’s troubled teens drama Euphoria despite being approximately 400 years too old to say things like “that’s a mood”; Arlo is losing faith in The Handmaid’s Tale; Paul remembers Yesterday; and they both are in awe of Toy Story 4 being so much more than a cynical cash-grab.


Next: Toby Maguire now vanquished, Jake Gyllenhaal finally makes his way into a Spider-Man movie, donning a fishbowl for Spider-Man: Far From Home.



Total Run Time: 01:11:48

00:00:30  - Intro / The Dog Ate My Sleep

00:07:35  - We Never Talk About Pop Culture Anymore

00:09:49  - Euphoria

00:25:12  - The Handmaid’s Tale 

00:36:33  - The Walking Dead Comic Series is Dead

00:45:55  - The Kitchen Trailer (and Tiffany Haddish Fatigue?)

00:50:15  - Toy Story 4 

00:57:19  - Yesterday (Very Briefly...More to Come)

01:00:35  - Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story

01:04:46  - Anima

01:07:45  - Outro / Next

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For the next installment of this year’s superhero-free Four-Color Flashback, Paul and Arlo leave the realm of autobiography, semi- or otherwise, for some thrilling adventures in fictional China. Faith Erin Hicks’ The Nameless City trilogy has everything: young men and women coming of age in trying times, political intrigue, backstabbing, betrayal, and some pretty cool martial arts fights. The boys discuss Hicks’ deceptively simple artwork, how she incorporates sound effects into her storytelling, Jordie Bellaire’s stunning color, and why The Nameless City is a love story but not a romance.


Next: freegobble!



Total Run Time: 01:47:52

00:00:40  - Intro / Fatty Liver and the Teething Puppies

00:18:00  - Main Topic

01:43:13  - Outro / Next

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