Paul and AJ are joined this week by return guest Anna Williams, who has brought along her...cohort? partner-in-crime? mistress?...Kitty Chandler. Kitty writes the words; Anna edits those words. They discuss their forthcoming collaboration, the "braided anthology" Black Ice, along with wacky tales of purple diaries and sad cosplaying. Then there's Murderboarding, which is the two of them analyzing TV to an insane--and insanely detailed--degree.

Next: Gobbledyween 2013 kicks off with the Tobe Hooper (but c'mon, we all know it was Spielberg) classic Poltergeist.

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Comics! They're good for you! But wait, no! They're also bad! This is an accurate description of the emotional roller-coaster Paul and AJ strap themselves into this week. First up, there's X-Men: Battle of the Atom, an event the boys are surprised to enjoy chiefly because it's one of the Big Two's dreaded "events"; then there's The Superior Spider-Man, about which there is much rage and sadness and talk of poop. There's a lot of poop talk. Plus, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter are both going back to the well, and the boys pimp themselves and friends. They're just a coupla classy guys.

Next: yet more Gobbledy-wonderment.

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It’s an even-numbered episode, which theoretically puts Paul in the drivers seat for this week, but he completely phones it in, so AJ Wiley takes the reins and redeems himself, more or less, for many of his prior podcast failures. He welcomes foul-mouthed fiddle player Anna Williams to the show to school the boys on how to talk about music. Also pet gender, cast announcements for Fifty Shades of Grey, and Gobbledygeek being so bad it’s driven Hayao Miyazaki into retirement. Meanwhile, Paul’s only contribution is the pitch for League of Extraordinarily Awkward Auteur Directors.

Next: the boys continue to fail at this job.

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