For Four-Color Flashback 2019, Paul and Arlo are venturing beyond the realm of superheroes and into the wide world of comics many Americans never visit. To first appreciate comics, though, it’s important to understand their capabilities. There’s nowhere better to turn than Scott McCloud’s seminal 1993 tome Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. It’s an academic, analytical study of the comics form--but it’s also a friendly, entertaining, flat-out fun read. Paul and Arlo discuss why everyone should read Understanding Comics, how it influenced the way they read comics, the concept of closure, and the digital revolution.

Next: witchcraft, murder, and all that jazz in a musical Geek Challenge. Arlo must watch Disney’s 1971 Angela Lansbury vehicle Bedknobs and Broomsticks, while Paul is tasked with 2002’s Renee Zellweger showcase Chicago.



Run Time: 01:18:46

00:00:46 - The history (and future) of FCF

00:05:20 - Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

01:14:51 - Outro / Next

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We’re back, babies! Gobbledygeek returns for its 10th season--though not its 10th anniversary, get your math right--with our hosts doing the bare minimum to keep this thing afloat. The centerpiece is an anxiety-fueled story about chicken wings, for gods’ sakes. Meanwhile, Paul went to Disney World again and lived to tell the tale. Arlo has thoughts on Jason Reitman directing the next Ghostbusters film. Beards are soothed. Y’know, the usual. Plus, Paul has seen Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse once for each season of the show!

Next: Four-Color Flashback 2019 gets off to an early start, as our year of non-superhero fare kicks off with Scott McCloud’s non-fiction classic Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art.



Run Time: 01:12:26

00:01:55 - New year, new show

00:04:30 - Paul’s Walt Disney World trip

00:19:18 - Anxiety

00:39:00 - Beard Spa / Scalp Camp

00:44:17 - Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters

00:57:15 - More about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

01:02:56 - New Deliverse project?

01:09:08 - Outro / Next

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