Gather 'round, boys and girls! The leaves will soon be falling from the 
trees; snow can't be too far off after that. After long, strenuous days of 
leaf-blowing and snow-shoveling, what better way to take respite than by 
going to a movie? Well, luckily for you, Paul and AJ have got your 
fall/winter itinerary covered: they discuss 65 (!) movies coming out from 
September through January, from blockbusters like The Girl with the Dragon 
Tattoo to arthouse flicks like The Artist, from sure-to-be-awful movies 
like The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 to sure-to-be-awesome 
movies like Carnage. As August comes to a close, pour yourself a mug of 
hot cocoa, wrap yourself in a parka, and fantasize about all the 
moviegoing you'll be doing the next few months.

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Have you ever been inexplicably, powerfully moved by a scene in a film? Has there ever been a moment in your favorite television series that captivated you beyond all explanation? Have you found yourself so strongly identifying with a paragraph, page or chapter in a book that you feel as though you’ve been forever transformed? Paul and AJ have, more times than they can count. Hear just some of the scenes from pop culture that have spoken to them over the years. Also, AJ sees The Smurfs and lives to smurf the smurf (but just barely.) And our Formspring page is being ridden like a two dollar whore lately, giving us more questions than the boys could possibly answer… but they give the ol’ college try anyway.


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Everything old is new again. Hollywood insists that there are no new stories to tell. This week, Paul and AJ wander through the desert of pop culture and discuss the ups and downs (mostly downs) of prequels and reboots, looking for the rare oases of creativity. Also, Paul spends way too long saying not nearly enough about the latest reboot, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. And the boys wrap it all up with a slew of Formspring questions.


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For the latest Geek Challenge, the boys challenged each other to watch two

very different Westerns: Clint Eastwood's classic 1976 outing The Outlaw

Josey Wales for AJ, and the Coen Brothers' 2007 award-winner No County for

Old Men for Paul. One is an epic tale of revenge, filled with Indians and

shoot-outs and starring the Spirit of the West himself. The other is a

bleak modern Western featuring a frightening force of nature ripping

through anyone in his way. How does the Challenge turn out? How often does

Josey Wales spit? How dorky is Anton Chigurh's hair? These questions, and

probably not others, will be answered in this week's gobble-rific Geek

Challenge! Plus: news, the boys' joint review of Captain America: The

First Avenger, and too many Formspring questions!

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