Do you remember what reading was like when you were a kid? That magical, transportive experience that took you to faraway lands and different time periods? Proving that, yes, they were once literate, Paul and AJ discuss their childhood reading experiences. The books that were important to them include The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Watership Down, and From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, among others. They also discuss the differences they had growing up as readers and what it will be like for kids in the future. Plus, Paul rejoices in The Killing's cancellation, while AJ discusses watching The Walking Dead season 2 and the original Total Recall, both for the first time.


Next: it's a Gobbledy-free-for-all! Anything and everything is fair game.

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The third (last?) major superhero movie of the year has arrived in the form of The Dark Knight Rises. Going into it, AJ was pumped and Paul was basically dreading it; amazingly, the two have united and agreed on something for the first time in what feels like months. They discuss the pay-offs to each character's arc, the Bane voice and the Batvoice, what political message can be derived from the film, and how often Michael Caine bawls. Plus, AJ talks about seeing Jaws on the big screen and attending a local comic book show, while Paul offers another monumental national update on the state of his health.

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In the aftermath of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, which occurred at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, we have decided to do a separate episode on the shooting so as not to trivialize it. Here, we discuss our reaction to the shooting and our thoughts about how it might affect the moviegoing experience.

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The year's second big superhero movie, following The Avengers--which you

may remember we discussed and AJ even wrote a review of--is The Amazing

Spider-Man, rebooting the franchise that sputtered to an end but five

years ago. Paul and AJ, both opinionated Spider-Man fans, are at odds over

Marc Webb's new film; Paul considers it the best big screen Spidey yet, AJ

not so much. Is Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker a faithful representation

of the one in the comics? Do Spider-Man's jokes work? Is the Lizard a good

starter villain for this new wall-crawler? Is Emma Stone completely

adorable? (Spoiler: they agree on that last one, at least.) Plus, the boys

geek out over the announcement of more Sandman and share their experiences

of seeing Singin' in the Rain on the big screen.


Next: We’re back, back in the Gotham groove. Paul and AJ rise up to discuss Christopher Nolan’s Bat swan song, The Dark Knight Rises.


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The boys would like to sing a little song for you. Actually, no they wouldn't, because that would be awful for your ears, but they would like to tell you about songs they've enjoyed so far this year. Paul and AJ's musical interests don't always overlap; Paul listens to sensitive singer-songwriter types, while AJ's that guy who actually reads Pitchfork. Still, they're able to unite over a few weirdos like Jack White, Father John Misty, and Leonard Cohen. AJ also tells you why you should listen to new records from Spiritualized, Dr. John, and The Men; while Paul gives you the low down on Fort Atlantic, Band of Skulls, and even Lana Del Rey.


Next: we're taking the Fourth of July weekend off, but enjoy your fireworks and your independence! Unless you're not American, in which case...well, try not to make too much fun of us.

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