This week, Paul and AJ are joined by stuntwoman, martial artist, fight choreographer, and all-around badass Clodagh Power (those aren't even all of her credentials!). They discuss her experience getting into stuntwork, the insanely violent art of ninjitsu, filming the movie Evil Alive and the television pilot Hitting Home, and her deep love of Liam Neeson, among other subjects. Plus, the boys accept the fact that J.J. Abrams will be directing the new Star Wars and fawn over Silver Linings Playbook.

Next: it's the Spring Movie Preview!

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It's been a long, grueling month, but Paul and AJ have finally awoken from their slumber. Which, as it turns out, was not so slumber-y; there was much to survive, from bouts of the plague to the holidays to all this Superior Spider-Man nonsense. And if that's not enough for you, the boys close things out by discussing truth and perception of same in the media. Ooh, intellectual! But fear not: the phrase "bacon waffle" is in the title.

Next: the boys are joined stuntwoman Clodagh Power.

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Bat-Turkey is still in hibernation/terribly hungover, but Paul and AJ managed to tiptoe around him to bring this very special Django Unchained bonus episode to you. The boys geek out over Tarantino's latest opus, a Spaghetti Southern that tackles the lunacy and brutality of racism head-on. There is much pontification in regards to the more straightforward narrative, the great performances, how Tarantino is able to explore race in ways that more "high-minded" filmmakers are incapable of, and the use of a certain word.

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