Is it just us, or are the works of Jim Henson kind of making a comeback?

Then again, they never really went away. Paul and AJ discuss Henson's life

and career, including such legendary projects as The Muppet Show, Sesame

Street, Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, and more. Plus, the boys geek out

over the Avengers Blu-ray and Paul lets us know how his cassowary

presentation went.

Next: Halloween's creeping up on us once again, so the boys kick off a

month about Halloween-themed TV episodes with a look back at Buffy the

Vampire Slayer's "Fear Itself."

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We're taking a trip to outer space this week as we look at Brian K. Vaughan's latest comic book series, Saga, which just wrapped its first arc last month; and Joss Whedon's Firefly, which just celebrated its tenth anniversary. Paul and AJ discuss the weirdness and gorgeousness of Saga, then think about where they were when Firefly first aired and how they felt watching it become a cult phenomenon after its cancellation. Plus, Paul discusses the cassowary presentation he'll be delivering at the National AAZK Conference, AJ muses on The Master, and more!

Next: do you know the Muppet man? We'll be discussing the works of Jim Henson.

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It's been a recurring theme throughout the show, so it's inevitable that it was going to come to the forefront at some point: Paul and AJ have different attitudes about the art (or lack thereof) of film criticism. In broad/reductive strokes, AJ thinks that critics provide a valuable public service to their audience while Paul isn't sure why someone should tell anybody why they shouldn't like what they like. Again, that's putting it very simply, and there are moments where they agree, but also where they disagree. In other words...holy shit, it's an actual discussion of something! Plus, AJ talks about Bronson and Hunger, and Paul blows minds with his Angel & Faith theory.


Next: celebrating Jim Henson's birthday or the 10th anniversary of Firefly. Maybe both?

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Bust out your robes and light your pipes; the boys take a look at
Rankin/Bass' 1977 animated adaptation of The Hobbit. Which also happens to
be trippy as balls. They delight in the film's weird charm and marvel at
the fact that John freaking Huston voices Gandalf, among other
hippie-esque things in a very hippie-esque film. Plus, Paul catches up on
some comics, AJ is conflicted over the forthcoming Kindle Fire HD, and
someone apparently remembered that we have a Formspring.
Next: an enlightening discussion of film criticism, I'm sure.
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It's been one year--and exactly half the show ago--since DC rebooted their

entire line, dubbing this bold creative decision/shameless marketing ploy

the "New 52." Paul and AJ check back in on the New 52, pointing out what's

working (Animal Man, Swamp Thing) and what's not (Justice League,

Detective Comics). Has this whole thing been worth it? Has it made a

difference for the company? And what are we to make of the editorial

troubles that have been messily dragged out into the public? We can't

promise any good answers, but we sure try! Plus, AJ talks about the best

birthday present he received and Paul has exciting adventures at the zoo.


Next: Celebrate Gobbledygeek’s eleventy-first episode as the boys discuss the 1977 Rankin/Bass animated musical television special The Hobbit. BYOPW (bring your own pipe-weed).

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