Episode 43, "Daytripping with Sweet-Toothed Nocturnal Orcs"

Paul had a very good "geek week," as he puts it, and so discusses a bunch of the things he consumed in the past week: the TV series Archer and Around the World with Karl Pilkington; the comics Nocturnals: Black Planet, Sweet Tooth, Orc Stain, and Daytripper; and more. After that, the geeks take a look at upcoming DVD releases, offer pithy comments on the state of the US box office, and in another exciting installment of "Reel Picks," AJ reviews The Expendables and Get Low before being joined by Paul to discuss All-Star Superman.


Next: our Oscars post-mortem. 

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Episode 42, "Life, The Universe, and Gobbledygeek"

Paul and AJ celebrate the meaning of life, the universe, and everything by offering up their Deep Thought on how to approach this week's show. Which, of course, is to fly by the seat of their pants and just talk about whatever they want. They dabble in music--AJ offers his belated thoughts on Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Paul shares with us his journey through the Rush catalog; movies--reviewed are The Illusionist, Waiting for Superman, and Eric Lax's book Conversations with Woody Allen; and sheer randomness--taking to Formspring and asking each other ridiculous questions. It's about as fun as reading Vogon poetry! So knock back your Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, and don't panic: we've laid out towels for everyone. You may need a Babel fish, though.


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Gobbledygeek episode 41, "Saturday Morning Gobbledygeek"

Paul and AJ reminisce about the good ol' days when Saturday morning meant setting your alarm for the ass-crack of dawn, racing downstairs, diving into a bowl of sugary cereal, and plopping down in front of your television for the wonders that awaited you in the world of animation. Favorite cartoons, some that age better than others, but nevertheless hold a special place in our hearts. Also AJ gives us a Reel Picks trifecta, hitting the three extremes of our ratings scale. And Paul talks about Glee, Justified, and a bit of live music... and makes slightly more sense than he did last week.

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Gobbledygeek Episode 40, "Etewaf"

Paul and AJ discuss creators that have either earned or betrayed their fanboy trust. Who the hell do these guys think they are anyway? Also AJ speaks eloquently about Dreamworks' Megamind, and Paul speaks like a braindamaged gerbil about Watership Down and Return of the Dapper Men.

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