As you may have heard, the Oscars were tonight. The body isn't even cold yet, but Paul and AJ are here on the scene with their barely coherent criticisms, crammed into 30 seconds!

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This week, Paul and AJ are joined by Joanna Gaskell and Rob Hunt of the

fantasy-based web series Standard Action. Joanna and Rob discuss filming

in the mud and rain of Vancouver, writing a part for yourself, and how to

finance an indie project, all before turning the tables on the boys. Plus,

AJ gets excited for the Oscars and gee, Paul really hates George Lucas.


Next: Tarantino Month kicks off with a look at the man's first feature,

Reservoir Dogs.

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The first surprise of 2012 is The Grey, the Liam Neeson survival film whose trailers could be politely described as Taken, Only by Wolves. However, such is not the case, and Paul and AJ discuss the movie's meditative reflections on life, death, and the human will to survive. And, yes, the movie's depiction of wolves as supernatural beasts...and whether or not any wolfpunching occurs. Plus, AJ details his remedy for illness (it involves a bad Nicolas Cage movie) and Paul talks about Kevin Smith's new reality show Comic Book Men.


Next: The boys interview Joanna Gaskell of the web series Standard Action.

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It's almost Valentine's Day, so grab your best guy/gal and settle down for the latest episode of Gobbledygeek, in which the boys discuss how marriage is presented in pop culture. It's really hard to find a pop marriage that isn't fundamentally fucked-up in one way or another, but Paul and AJ do their best. You've got everyone from Firefly's Wash and Zoe to The Honeymooners' Ralph and Alice, and then going to the dark side, even Breaking Bad's Walt and Skyler. Plus...Paul and AJ get engaged????


Next: the boys tackle Neeson v. Wolves, aka The Grey.

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Spring is about to get sprung (thanks for ruining that, Sir Mix-a-Lot), so Paul and AJ list 20 movies that might be worth your attention in February, March, and April. The films range from charming Japanese anime The Secret World of Arrietty to the very serious Albanian-language The Forgiveness of Blood; to the wacky high seas adventures of The Pirates! Band of Misfits to the Willem Dafoe/Sam Neill Tasmanian tiger (or is it wolf?) movie The Hunter. In between, you'll find films sappy, thrilling, terrifying, and hilarious. Hopefully. Also, the seeds for a future episode are nefariously planted, and: The Cabin in the Woods is finally coming out!


Next: Just in time for the chocolates and flowers and obnoxious greeting cards of Valentine’s Day, marriage in pop culture.

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