We’re all responding to quarantine (semi- or otherwise) in different ways. Paul seems to be practicing some sort of immersion therapy, living out the post-apocalypse in games like The Last of Us and shows like The Leftovers. Arlo, meanwhile, reaches for the comfort of old reliable favorites like the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie or the modern classic sketch comedy series Key and Peele. Have you ever realized they’re different people? The boys discuss texting syntax, Paul’s genuine repulsion at a certain aspect of The Leftovers, Arlo’s journey through old superhero comics, and so much (or at least a little) more.


Next: TBD, as per ush.


Total Run Time: 01:58:01

  • 00:00:27  -  Intro
  • 01:55:00  -  Outro / Next


  • “Gunfight Epiphany” by Robert Duncan, Gunfight Epiphany (Theme from Terriers) (2010)
  • “Let the Mystery Be” by Iris DeMent, Infamous Angel (1992)
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Once upon a time, three idiots did a podcast. Their names were Paul Smith, Arlo “AJ” Wiley, and Joseph “Will Penley” Lewis. And no, we’re not talking about Gobbledygeek episode 400--we’re talking about the very first episode, recorded a full decade ago. This painful, awkward reminder of where it all began has been lost to time and/or the BlogTalkRadio servers for at least a few years now. Now, it has been restored--but never remastered--to its proper glory. Relive the earliest day of the podcast, with discussion of Alice in Wonderland, Lost, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, and a whole bunch of random nerd shit they did not have the faculties to properly critique. Enjoy?

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A global pandemic. Britain leaving the European Union. Donald Trump being elected president. FX canceling Terriers after one goddamn season. It has been, without question, the dumbest decade. Add to that list the strange, mystifying endurance of Gobbledygeek. A podcast hosted by two straight cis white male idiots, ostensibly devoted to the discussion of “popular culture,” and listened to by only a small handful of reprobates, has somehow lasted ten years and 400 episodes. Many other, arguably better podcasts have come and gone. But Paul and Arlo are still here, joined by original Gobbler and fellow Heathen Joseph Lewis, to reminisce about their extraordinarily humble beginnings. The gang listened back to their very first episode (now available to cringe through for the first time in years!) before recording, and they revisit those long-forgotten topics in the year of our lord 2020. Do they remember anything about Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland? Does the Lost finale hold up? Do they give even a single shit about “fandom” anymore? All that PLUS they commiserate about our COVID-infected present and reenact a scene from a truly insane screenplay Joe wrote when he was 15. Oh, they talk about the Gary Oldman thing again too.


Next: we’ve given up even trying to guess. There’ll be another one of these soon.


Total Run Time: 02:18:40

  • 00:00:00  - Painful, awkward reminder of where it all began
  • 00:02:00  - Painful, awkward proof of how far we’ve come
  • 02:13:13  - Outro / Next


  • “Also Sprach Bat-Turkey” by Arlo Wiley (feat. Richard Strauss) (2010)
  • “A Song About Arlo J. Wiley and Paul Smith” by Papa Razzi and the Photogs, Papa Razzi is Back. And He’s Singing More Nice Songs! (2011)
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