Proving definitively that America and Britain are allies, the very British Wesley Mead joins the very American duo of Paul and AJ. Wesley--or Wezzo, as the cool kids call him--is one of AJ's fellow Ann Arbor Review of Books contributors. They've also been good friends for years...yet this is the first time they've ever communicated vocally. It is literally history in the making. As they speak voice-to-voice for the first time, they discuss the best of British TV, the new Tomb Raider game, Britian's lack of peanut butter-and-chocolate combos, and the new online comic book The Private Eye from Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin. Plus, AJ has a very special questionnaire for Wezzo.

Next: nothing next week, as it's a certain bunny-oriented holiday (that's a pagan bunny thing, right?). When we return, the boys will be chatting with The Debatable Podcast host Gregory Sahadachny.

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Jason Tabrys of The BastardCast joins Paul and AJ for a weird, wild,

blasphemous, and--yes--sexy experience. Everything from the new Pope to

Jurassic Park IV gets discussed, including thoughtful ruminations (sure)

on the Veronica Mars Kickstarter and whether or not digital comics will

destroy the print market. Very little of it makes any kind of sense, which

we suppose is par for the course.

Next: we're hopping across the pond, at least virtually, as the excellent,

very British Wesley Mead guests.

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Hip hop? Bluegrass? The two genres might not be as different as you think, which Paul and AJ learn this week by talkng to Gangstagrass mastermind Rench. Rench discusses his attempt to bridge the gap and of how the fusion came about. Along the way, there's talk of Whedon, Axe Cop, and of course, Justified. Plus, AJ raves about Enlightened, Paul chats about the new comic Helheim, and there's more (yes, really!) Americans talk.

Next: the boys are joined by Jason Tabrys of The BastardCast.

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The Oscars were over a week ago, you say? Who cares, when we're joined by Kenn Edwards, host of the podcasts So Let's Get to the Point and Project Batman? In addition to Hollywood's big night, Paul, AJ, and Kenn discuss Kenn's forthcoming podcast ventures, the unimportant death of an important Batman character, and whether or not The Office is worth watching in its final season.

Next: the boys are joined by Rench of Gangstagrass.

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