Soon--not soon enough for the Ohioan of the group--summer will be upon us. Swimmin' pools and movie stars; big-ass movie stars, as a matter of fact. Robert Downey Jr. suits up as Iron Man once more, Hugh Jackman gets his claws on as Wolverine, Benedict Cumberbatch Star Trek(s) Into Darkness, and Leonardo DiCaprio is mad and stuff as Jay Gatsby. Plus there are smaller films, including a certain Joss Whedon production, as Paul and AJ guide you through 20 movies they're looking forward to this hopefully warm and hopefully sunny summer.

Next: speaking of suiting up, Iron Man 3 is here, boys and girls.

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Late one evenin', the boys were recordin'

Talkin' about Bob Dylan

How AJ saw him live

To see if he was still freewheelin'

Paul, he said he liked Oblivion

Oh, that Tom Cruise

Hemlock Grove, Paul liked the pilot

AJ thought it'd make him snooze

And Boston unfolded right before our eyes

Police scanners heard

Fake tweets and false news

Also, Paul was attacked by a bird and now threatened by a herd

Tangled up in bluuuuuuebirds

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Paul and AJ accidentally read some Latin so they were forced to see the new Evil Dead. And they talk about it. It ain't pretty! More unprettiness: AJ talks Spring Breakers, Paul talks To the Wonder, and they both discuss the Saga/comiXology controversy. There's also some fun conversation about pee. Everybody loves pee.

Next: FREESTYLE MADNESS. Or just another lame episode.

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Gregory Sahadachny, host of The Debatable Podcast and all-around terrific tweeter, is in the Gobbledyhotseat this week. He discusses the price-gouging of collectibles and the divisiveness of Zack Snyder with the boys, which leads to some impassioned monologuing from all parties about elitism and the male gaze. Plus, Paul and AJ tell Greg which comics to read and the three of them eulogize Roger Ebert.

Next: Paul and AJ get some much-needed alone time.

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