Everyone loves aural after a wedding. An aural document of said wedding, that is! That's right, Arlo and Amber tied the knot, and Paul was on hand to witness the entire drunken event. So are Joseph Lewis, completing the Three Heathens reunion; Kenn Edwards, whose new EP rules; longtime friend of the show but first-time guest Darryl James, who challenges Arlo to a Buffy trivia quiz; and newbie Gabe Hochstetler, who finds himself the sole positive voice during a brief review of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Video game bars, shots, impolite tailors, shots, poorly choreographed “Gangnam Style” dances, shots, impromptu mowing, and oh yeah, shots. It was a wild ride, and you are formally invited.

Next: let your magical umbrellas take you to Romania for a musical Geek Challenge featuring Mary Poppins and The Lure.



00:18:51 - Part One (Arlo and Paul chillin’ out.)

00:29:31 - Part Two (Joe arrives - The Three Heathens ride again...in a basement, in recliners.)

01:25:19 - Part Three (Kenn, Darryl, and Gabe join the gang for a post-bachelor party Solo: A Star Wars Story review, and Darryl challenges Arlo to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer trivia challenge.) (And Tom says hi.)

02:30:02 - Part Four (Arlo and Paul reconvene a week later to put a bow on the whole affair.)

02:33:43 - Outro / Next Week

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